Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Leganes boat enthusiasts top Paraw Regatta 2009

Paraw enthusiasts from the town of Leganes emerged as winners in the recently concluded 37th Iloilo Paraw Regatta. Last year, the major winners came from Tigbauan and Sto. Nino Sur, Arevalo.

The first place winner in the Category A went to Orlando Demetillo of Camangay, Leganes. His entry Arlyn led the more than 40 participants in the sailboat race held Sunday in Iloilo Strait. Demetillo was last year’s third placer in the Category A.

Last year top finisher Rogelio Garreza came second with his entry Joseph 2. His entry Joseph 1 came 4th in the Category A while his entry Toto RJ came third in the Category B. The two sailboats were built by Federico Tantiado. Sailboat entry Piranha owned by Benito Gordoncillo of Camangay, Leganes came third. The sailboat was built by Winnie Demetillo.

Sailboat John-John of Honorato Espinosa was 5th in the sailboat race under Category A. The paraw was built by Henry Tanagras.

The first prize winner in the Category A received P14,400 cash prize; 2nd - P9,600 and 3rd - P7,200; 4th P6,000 and 5th P4,800. Painted sailboat owners received an additional incentive from the Iloilo Paraw Regatta Foundation Inc. (IPRFI) chaired by Manuel Villa Jr. The 6th to 10th placers in the Category A also received cash prizes of P2,400 each.

In the Category B, the 1st place went to sailboat 2 Angels owned by Jayde Pauchano Sr. The sailboat was also built by Demetillo, builder of Piranha. The second place went to sailboat Kristine owned by Oscar Espinosa of Sto. Nino Sur, Arevalo. Espinosa was the 2008 top finisher in the Category B. Espinosa’s paraw builders were Henry and Jade Tanagras.

The first prize winner in the Category B received P18,000 cash prize; 2nd - P14,000; 3rd - P12,000; 4th - P9,600 and 5th - P6,000. They also received additional prize if the paraw is painted. For the 1st prize winner, the additional cash prize is P7,000; 2nd - P5,000; 3rd - P4,000; 4th - P3,000; 5th - P2,000 and P1,000 for the 6th to 10th placers. The non-winners in the category B also received a cash prize of P1,000 each.

source: Maricar M. Calubiran,