Thursday, November 18, 2010

Iloilo City places 98th in Tholons’ Top 100

Iloilo City ranked 98th in the world’s Top 100 Outsourcing Cities study conducted by services globalization and investment advisory firm Tholons.

The metropolis also made it to the list of 50 “Aspiring Cities” around the globe vying to become ideal hubs for business process outsourcing (BPO) investments.

The 2010 Top 100 Outsourcing Cities list “is not only a reflection of the current competitiveness and stature of cities in the global outsourcing landscape but provides insight to the future potential of locations in addressing emerging trends and demands in services globalization.”

This was the assessment of Global Services, a media platform which connects buyers and service providers in the global IT services and BPO industry, according to a statement posted on its website.

Last year, the Global Services-Tholons research team ranked Iloilo City as third in the “Top 10 Aspirants” which have potential to improve as “emerging global outsourcing cities” in the coming years.

The aspiring cities have still a lot to do to develop and facilitate outsourcing activities, the Global Services assessed.

Meanwhile, the cities of Manila and Cebu are already “established” in the Top 10 by ranking fourth and ninth, respectively.

The cities of Davao and Bacolod also fared as “aspiring” by ranking 69th and 100th, respectively. 

Another 40 list of global cities are considered “emerging” BPO centers.

Tholons first conducted surveys and interviews with service providers and buyers to determine trends in delivery and consumption of outsourced services in specific destinations as well as market and labor sizes, and identify the expansion strategies of service providers.

The secondary research includes country economic information gathered from historical data from governments, trade bodies, and global institutions; government’s publicly released data used to present macroeconomic; and market assumptions and analyses from data such as annual reports, industry bulletins, and trade publications.

source: The News Today