Monday, December 27, 2010

71st Kaadlawan sang Leganes

In celebration of the 71st Founding Anniversary on January 1, 2011, the municipality of Leganes prepared an exciting activities to each and everyone to enjoy starting from December 27 until January 1, 2011.

The following are the schedule of activities:

Dec 27, 2010 - Inter Agency Year-end Convention and Gift Giving and Dental Mission, 

Dec 30, 2010 - Rizal Day, 

Dec 31, 2010 - Family Day,

January 1, 2011 - Caravan, Parada sa Kasisidmun and Fireworks Display.

Come and be a part of the another milestone.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Leganes Fiesta Paskwa set on December 9-25, 2010

The municipality and people of Leganes will once again celebrate the yuletide season with fun-filled activities prepared to each and everyone. Here is the schedule of activities:

December 9 - Fun Walk and Mangrove tree planting

December 15 - Parol sang Kauswagan ceremonial switch-on program

December 20 - LGU x'mas party

December 23 - Daigon Festival

December 24-25 Church Activities

Come and experience the celebration of Christmas the Leganeans way.  Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI says use of condom can be a lesser evil than transmitting HIV

In a seemingly offhand remark that caught the Roman Catholic world by surprise, Pope Benedict XVI appears to have relaxed, at least slightly, the Vatican’s longstanding adamant opposition to the use of condoms.

Pope Benedict XVI’s comments about condom use being a lesser evil than transmitting HIV also apply to women, the Vatican said Tuesday, a significant shift for a pope who just last year said condoms only worsen the AIDS problem.

Benedict said in a book released Tuesday that condom use by people such as male prostitutes was a lesser evil since it indicated they were taking a step toward a more moral and responsible sexuality by aiming to protect their partner from a deadly infection.

His comments implied that he was referring primarily to homosexual sex, when condoms aren’t being used as a form of contraception, which the Vatican opposes.

Questions arose immediately, however, about the pope’s intent because the Italian translation of the book used the feminine for prostitute, whereas the original German used the masculine.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, told reporters Tuesday that he asked the pope whether he intended his comments to only apply to male prostitutes. Benedict replied that it really didn’t matter, that the important thing was the person in question took into consideration the life of the other, Lombardi said.

“I personally asked the pope if there was a serious, important problem in the choice of the masculine over the feminine,” Lombardi said. “He told me no. The problem is this … It’s the first step of taking responsibility, of taking into consideration the risk of the life of another with whom you have a relationship.”

“This is if you’re a woman, a man, or a transsexual. We’re at the same point,” Lombardi said.

The pope is not justifying or condoning gay sex or heterosexual sex outside of a marriage. Elsewhere in the book he reaffirms the Vatican opposition to homosexual acts and artificial contraception and reaffirms the inviolability of marriage between man and woman.

But by broadening the condom comments to also apply to women, the pope is saying that condom use in heterosexual relations is the lesser evil than passing HIV onto a partner.

While that concept has long been a tenet of moral theology, the pope’s book “Light of the World” — a series of interviews with a German journalist — was the first time a pope had ever publicly applied the theory to the scenario of condom use as a way to fight HIV transmission.

The pope’s comments have generated heated debate, mostly positive in places like Africa which has been devastated by AIDS and where the church has been criticized for its opposition to condom use.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Iloilo City places 98th in Tholons’ Top 100

Iloilo City ranked 98th in the world’s Top 100 Outsourcing Cities study conducted by services globalization and investment advisory firm Tholons.

The metropolis also made it to the list of 50 “Aspiring Cities” around the globe vying to become ideal hubs for business process outsourcing (BPO) investments.

The 2010 Top 100 Outsourcing Cities list “is not only a reflection of the current competitiveness and stature of cities in the global outsourcing landscape but provides insight to the future potential of locations in addressing emerging trends and demands in services globalization.”

This was the assessment of Global Services, a media platform which connects buyers and service providers in the global IT services and BPO industry, according to a statement posted on its website.

Last year, the Global Services-Tholons research team ranked Iloilo City as third in the “Top 10 Aspirants” which have potential to improve as “emerging global outsourcing cities” in the coming years.

The aspiring cities have still a lot to do to develop and facilitate outsourcing activities, the Global Services assessed.

Meanwhile, the cities of Manila and Cebu are already “established” in the Top 10 by ranking fourth and ninth, respectively.

The cities of Davao and Bacolod also fared as “aspiring” by ranking 69th and 100th, respectively. 

Another 40 list of global cities are considered “emerging” BPO centers.

Tholons first conducted surveys and interviews with service providers and buyers to determine trends in delivery and consumption of outsourced services in specific destinations as well as market and labor sizes, and identify the expansion strategies of service providers.

The secondary research includes country economic information gathered from historical data from governments, trade bodies, and global institutions; government’s publicly released data used to present macroeconomic; and market assumptions and analyses from data such as annual reports, industry bulletins, and trade publications.

source: The News Today

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Iloilo River dev’t project wins top int’l recognition

Besting seven other entries from across the globe, the Iloilo River Development Project won a gold award for environmental sustainability in the prestigious International Awards for Liveable Communities or LivCom held at the Hilton Hotel in Chicago, Illinois on November 8.

The news was relayed by Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog to the City Hall in a text message yesterday.
LivCom, launched in 1997, is reputed as the world’s sole awards competition focusing on best practices for managing the local environment.

Mabilog, who attended the LivCom event from November 4 to 8, made a presentation on the Iloilo River Development Project which was then one of the finalists in the Environmentally-Sustainable Projects Award.

The international panel of judges is composed of environmental and landscape management professionals.

The project is Iloilo City’s entry under the Environmentally Sustainable Project Awards Category E for communities with a population of over 400,000 people.

Other finalists are Al Ain, UAE; Changwon City, South Korea; Changzhou City, China; Curitiba, Brazil; Medellin City, Colombia; Portland Metropolitan Region, USA; and Wuxing, China.

Other members of the Iloilo City delegation are City Environmental Management Specialist Renan Escoto, Councilor Edward Yee, City Legal Officer Jose Junio Jacela, and business executives Felix Tiu and Antonio Lim.

Escoto, who is part of the team that prepared the presentation on Iloilo River Development Project, said the project exemplifies successful public-private partnership in protecting and preserving the river.

“We (in the government) cannot do it alone. The private sector is also very active in this undertaking,” he said.

Escoto said various stakeholders are involved in the regular river clean-up to help the existing “Bantay-Suba” team.

There is also a continuing mangrove reforestation in the area and illegal fishpens in the vicinity have already been dismantled.

“We are also trying our best to remove illegal settlers,” Escoto said.

Iloilo River hosts various endangered species, including rare shrimps discovered by University of the Philippines biological sciences students.

Some 20 mangrove species also grow in the area.

Other Entries

Apart from the Iloilo River Development Project, Iloilo City also submitted three entries for the Bursary Award.

These include the Wastepickers Livelihood Training Program, Community-based Water and Sanitation System, and Community-based Disaster Preparedness Planning.

source: The News Today

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leganes Day Care Folk Dancers: the Leganeans' Pride

After winning the Municipal, Congressional and Provincial folk dance competition, the Leganes Day Care Folk Dancers represent the province of Iloilo in the recent concluded Children's Regional Congress last November 5, 2010 at SM City Iloilo.

The event was spearheaded by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and was participated by different provinces in western visayas which includes, Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras, Negros Occidental and Iloilo.

Even though the Leganes Day Care Folk Dancers placed First Runner Up, still they have proven that being Leganeans are something to be proud of. To all of you, Congratulations  especially to the teachers, trainers, parents and the lovely, talented and cute little dancers.

Here is their performance:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Small But Huge Pride

Another Leganeans pride has risen. They are small, cute but talented children below 5 years of the Leganes Day Care Center who showcase their grace and skill in folk dance. Indeed they have proven that the Leganeans are talented especially in the field of dancing. 

In celebration of  the "Children's Day 2010", last October 12, 2010, an inter-daycare competition was held at the Leganes Gymnasium where the Poblacion daycare folk dancers grabbed the grand price and represent the town in the congressional level held on October 19, 2010 at Zarraga Gymasium. 

The congressional level contest was participated by the different municipality in the second congressional district of Iloilo which includes Alimodian, Leon, New Lucena, Pavia, San Miguel, Santa Barbara, Zarraga and Leganes. And once again, they children won the top place.

Ten days after winning the congressional contest, the Leganes Day Care Children represent the second district of Iloilo in the Children's Month Celebration folk dance contest provincial level  last October 29, 2010 held at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol. With their grace and skills they have victoriously won the competition.

Winning the first place in the provincial competition, the Leganes Day Care folk dancers will be the official contestant of the province of Iloilo in the Regional level on November 5 2010 at SM City Iloilo.

Let's pray for the victory of our Leganes Day Care folk dancers.

Here are the videos of their performance in municipal, congressional and provincial competition.

Municipal Level (October 12, 2010)

Congressional Level (October 19, 2010)

Provincial Level (October 29, 2010)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making Tech-phobic Teachers a Thing of the Past

Zoilo Pinongcos, Jr. of Leganes National High School, Iloilo is working hard to make techno-phobic teachers a thing of the past. “The information age isn't in the future,” shares Pinongcos. “We are in the information age.” A Math and ICT teacher for over two decades, Pinongcos says that while students are frequently adept at the latest technologies, teachers tend to stick to traditional methods of teaching.

Pinongocos explains that teachers need to be able to reach their students via mediums they understand. “Technology is a tool for instruction and a resource for richer classroom experiences,” adds Pinongcos. A certified Intel Teach National Trainer, Pinongcos conducts ICT-readiness training courses in collaboration with Intel for teachers from all over the country. The courses emphasize student-centered instruction, critical thinking and collaboration.

“The program is designed for classroom teachers who have limited computer experience and helps them acquire basic technology literacy skills,” explains Pinongcos. “We adjust each session to the needs to the teachers, so they can get the hints and skills for teaching specific topics or subject.”

Pinongcos has received various citations and awards for his exemplary work in improving Math and ICT education in Iloilo. Among these are the Metrobank Outstanding Teacher of the Philippines, Outstanding Legaslenon (2010), Outstanding Intel Teach National Trainer (2008-2009) and San Jose College Outstanding Alumni Award.

But despite all the recognition he has received, Pinongcos believes there is still so much to do to help students and co-teachers excel and achieve. “We have to keep learning, technological advancements never stop and as such, teachers need to get “upgrades” to utilize these advancements,” adds Pingongcos.
Pinongcos and four other educators are this year's honorees of the Many Faces of the Teacher search. Organized by the Bato Balani Foundation Inc. (BBFI) in partnership with Diwa Learning Systems Inc (DLSI), the search aims to honor outstanding educators who have shapedthe course of our nation by educating our youth.

The five honorees of the Many Faces of the Teacher search were recognized at the annual A Tribute to Teachers event at the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu on September 25, 2010. The annual event gathers thousands of educators to thank them for their lives of service and commitment.

source: A Few to Inspire the Many: A Tribute to Teachers

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pinongcos named as one of "Many Faces of the Teacher"

Once again Sir Zoilo Pinongcos Jr. made all Leganeans proud for being chosen as one of this year’s search for “Many Faces of the Teacher” organized by Bato Balani Foundation Inc. (BBFI) in partnership with Diwa Learning Systems Inc. (DLSI), the search is a salute to the many educators whose lives of service and compassion are transforming and propelling our nation forward. The search is part of BBFI’s program, A Tribute to Teachers, which seeks to uplift the teaching profession and inspire others to take up the vocation as well.

Here's an excerpt of an article published on September 26, 2010 in The Philippine Star website entitled: Heroes in Our Midst: The Many Faces of the Teacher by Tish Martinez.

Hi-Tech Heroism

Many Faces of the Teacher“A lot of of my colleagues have a hard time using the internet,” shares Zoilo Pinongcos Jr. of Leganes National High School in Iloilo. “But the web offers us a virtually unlimited source of information and it’s our duty to make use of it. Technology isn’t the enemy,it’s a tool.” Pinongcos, who has been teaching Math, English and ICT education for 24 years, pioneered a series of programs to help teachers go digital. “They are training programs that encourage fellow educators to apply ICT in the different subjects they handle,” shares Pinongcos. “Years ago, I started out as an English teacher but after some training in ICT, I realized that ICT had the potential to improve my teaching.

That’s when I set out to share this knowledge with my fellow teachers.” A certified Intel Teach National Trainer, Pinongcos conducts ICT-readiness training courses in collaboration with Intel for teachers from all over the country. The courses emphasize studentcentered instruction, critical thinking and collaboration.

“The program is designed for classroom teachers who have limited computer experience and helps them acquire basic technology literacy skills,” explains Pinongcos. “We adjust each session to the needs to the teachers, so they can get the hints and skills for teaching specific topics or subject.”

According to Pinongcos, there is no such thing as learning disability. “There’s only a teaching disability and teachers must work to find a students’ unique learning style to be able to teach them well,” says Pinongcos. Despite numerous lucrative offers to teach elsewhere and accolades received, Pinongcos says that his heart is set on serving his local community. Leganes National High School, whose student population numbers 1,678 students only has 53 teachers. “There is still so much to do here. I have so many dreams for my students. They are the reason I keep teaching.”

This year's four other teacher-honorees are:
Donald Dungog a Math and ICT teacher of Science and Technology Center (STEC) in Basak, Lapulapu City, Cebu;

Ma. Cristina Medina a Special Education (SPED) classes teacher to visually- impaired students as well as students with other learning difficulties in Laguna Resettlement Community School in San Pedro, Laguna;

Efren Bino of Mataas Elementary School in the rural island-barangay of Mataas, Bacacay, Albay; and

Ambeth R. Ocampo a Columnist and a Philippine history educator, in the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Leganes ...Banwa nga Hamili": the Leganes Municipal Hymn

Leganes Municipal Hymn entitled "Leganes ...Banwa nga Hamili" was written by Mr. Joecil Espulgar, Leganes National High School teacher and Mr. Jerry M. Anas, Municipal tourism officer. This was interpreted by Diviane Lite A. Jaleco and Shiela Bactan both are from Leganes.

Here's the official video:

You may also check the video on the official facebook account:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dinagyang wows Dagupan, Santiago City

The city’s premier festival, Dinagyang, strutted its stuff in Luzon, with performances in Dagupan and Santiago City recently.

Coming from its successful stint at the Aliwan Fiesta in Metro Manila, Dinagyang, represented by this year’s champion Tribu Paghida-et, was guest performer in the Festivals of the North won by Dagupan’s Bangus Festival, wherein 17 groups participated.

“(Our festival) was much anticipated by the crowd. It was truly one big emotional triumph for Dinagyang,” City Tourism Officer Benito Jimena said, who accompanied the Ilonggo delegation to Dagupan.

Aside from Dinagyang, Strawberry Festival of La Trinidad, Benguet and Ibon-Ebon Festival of Candaba, Pampanga also performed as guest contingents.

Jimena said the crowd reception in Santiago City, Isabela, was as warm as in Pangasinan, when the tribe went around three villages, performing in the marketplace, church vicinity and bus terminal.

Dinagyang participated as guest performer in the “Pattaraday Festival”, to celebrate the city’s foundation day. The week-long celebration brought together delegations from all over Cagayan Valley to compete in the Street Dance Contest.

Santiago City Mayor Amelita Navarro has been inviting Dinagyang to join their festivities since 2006.

Hailed as the best tourism event of the Philippines last year by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines, Iloilo City’s Dinagyang Festival has always been requested by other local government units to perform in their respective fiestas and to showcase the culture and tradition of the Ilonggos.

source: The News Today

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival wins Aliwan Streetdance Competition

After six years, Dinagyang Festival again grabbed the championship crown in the Aliwan Fiesta of Manila Broadcasting Company held last Saturday, April 24, at the Aliw Theater in Pasay City.

Tribu Paghidaet of La Paz National High School which represented Dinagyang Festival bested the other festivals from the different parts of the country which joined the competition. It took home the competition’s P1 million grand prize.

Dinagyang performance in Aliw Theater

Dinagyang performance in Mall of Asia

Dinagyang Festival last took home the championship crown in 2004 when it was represented by Tribu Atub-atub.

This year’s first runner up is the Zamboanga Hermosa of Zamboanga City while the second runner up is Tribu Kasag of Banate, Iloilo.

The Fuerte Baile of the Paraw Regatta Festival also coming from Iloilo also won the consolation prize.

Meanwhile, Miss Dinagyang Angelie Joy Golingay won first runner up in the search for Reyna ng Aliwan 2010. Crowned Reyna ng Aliwan is Rezanie Alexis Gomez representing Sinulog Festival of Cebu City.

source: The News Today

Friday, March 26, 2010

List of Successful Examinees of 2009 Bar Examinations

1. ABANTE, Maria Evitha A.
2. ABAQUITA, Allan C.
3. ABARQUEZ, Leandro E.
4. ABARQUEZ, Paolo E.
5. ABDULLAH, Anzarullah Zhadradi A.
6. ABELLA, Harve B.
7. ABELLAR, Eleanor Agnes F.
8. ABENOJAR, Irene U.
9. ABIBICO, Mona Liza D.
10. ABIERA, Stephanie E.
11. ABLAÑA, Lindy Andre P.
12. ABOGANDA, Alexander D.
13. ABRASALDO, Wilson C.
14. ABRUGAR, Vanessa Q.
15. ABUEDO, May Flor C.
16. ABUTAN, Leah C.
17. ACAS, Althea Barbara E.
18. ACOSTA-QUIROS, Annemarie
19. ADAOAG, Janice M.
20. ADASA, William Chino T.
21. ADDUG, Fredelyne H.
22. ADEVA, III, Daniel A.
23. AGATON, Jonathan R.
24. AGNES, JR., Jerry P.
25. AGRAVIADOR, Karisma Ivee L.
26. AGUHAYON-ESCOLAR, Ghenee Rose C.
27. AGUIHAP, Beverly D.
28. AGUILA, Mildred R.
30. AGUIRRE, Leandro Angelo Y.
31. AHAJA, Yasmin Ayesha K.
32. ALABAN, Daniel B.
34. ALAGCAN, Angeli A.
35. ALARILLA, Jeffrey John S.
36. ALARILLA, Maria Angela I.
37. ALASKA, Hazel Mae A.
38. ALAZAS, Adrianne Marie C.
39. ALAZAS, Beatriz Irina Denise C.
40. ALBAN, Beethoven M.
41. ALBANO, Wyndel P.
42. ALBERTO, Ruby Ann Theresa L.
43. ALBORES, Melanie F.
44. ALCERA, Aimee Marie B.
45. ALDAY, Arlene D.
46. ALEGARBES, Augustus M.
47. ALEGRE, Adrian B.
48. ALEJANDRO, Eduardo Jerome T.
49. ALEJO, Judith Ann C.
50. ALESNA, Sheena A.
51. ALESON, Melanie F.
52. ALFECHE, Claribelle Jane A.
53. ALIBANG-SALUD, Jocelyn M.
54. ALICUMAN, Abelardo C.
55. ALINDATO, Diane Angela O.
56. ALIVIO, Kenneth O.
57. ALMAJOSE, Maricar C.
58. ALMERO, Leo Rey F.
59. ALMERO, Marie Beth S.
60. ALMOITE, Wilma M.
61. ALO, Jennifer Karen L.
62. ALPASAN, Roumelia B.
63. ALQUIROZ, Jason B.
64. ALQUISADA, Pamela Joy L.
65. ALURA, Maricris O.
66. ALVAREZ, Jeanette S.
67. ALVAREZ, Riza Gloria V.
68. ALVARICO, James Roulyn R.
69. ALZATE, Kimberley Joy T.
70. AMANO, Rachel O.
71. AMARGA, Lizanilla J.
72. AMARILLA, Romela T.
73. AME, Valentino Alvin C.
74. AMORANTO, Sarah Jane SJ.
75. AMORES, Luvim D.
76. ANCIADO, Pilar C.
77. ANCIANO, Frederick I.
78. ANDAL, Maria Bernadeth S.
79. ANDALIS, JR., Roberto C.
80. ANDAMAN, Margaret Raizza A.
81. ANDAMO, John Paul A.
82. ANDOLANA, Christ May V.
83. ANDRES, Paraluman D.
84. ANG, Anna Margarita G.
85. ANGELES, Francisco B.
86. ANGWAY, Cohleen Dianne SJ.
87. ANORE, Marlon DL.
88. ANSELMO, Duchess Veneru J.
89. ANTONIO-LADISLAO, Bianca Cecilia B.
90. APALING, Allen D.
91. APOLINAR, Anna Luisa P.
92. APOLINARIO, Floreida A.
93. APOLONIO, Joseph O.
94. AQUINO, Benedict Benigno A.
95. AQUINO, Mary Joy S.
96. AQUINO, III, Leopoldo D.
97. AQUINO, JR., Rodrigo F.
98. ARANDIA, Erwin F.
99. ARANETA, Henry O.
100. ARAOS, Tessa Mae L.
101. ARBOLADURA, Magelio S.
102. ARCEGA, Garnet Eneli Mae M.
103. ARDIENTE, Rochelle S.
104. ARDINA, Elmarie C.
105. ARENAS, Jose Lemuel S.
106. ARIAS, Alma Alyn O.
107. ARICAYOS, Crisale B.
108. ARIOLA, Reynaldo A.
109. ARLES, Maria Estelita B.
110. ARMECIN, Jhomel M.
111. ARNESTO, Tristan G.
112. AROMAS, Camille Khristine I.
113. ARPON, Renold C.
114. ARTIFICIO, Aileen R.
115. ASADON, Baltazar C.
116. ASTAÑO, Imelda L.
117. ASUNCION, Hirou Glenn A.
118. ATANACIO-FACUN, Mary Ann S.
119. ATIENZA, Shermaine M.
120. ATIENZA, JR., Edgardo P.
121. AUMAN, Evangeline C.
122. AUSTRIA, Mary Evangeline J.
123. AVENGOZA, Ma. Rhoda J.
124. AVILA, Mae Lizbeth I.
125. AVILA, Mark Gregory R.
126. AWKIT-BAN-EG, Alice L.
127. AYONG, Juris Iris M.
128. AYSON, Aldin C.
129. AYUYANG, Helga Anne Treasure L.
130. AZUCENA, Michael David B.
131. AZUR, Marita Lourdes S.
132. AÑOVER, Josephine Ann W.
133. BABALCON, Julius P.
134. BABIA, Jose Marcos A.
135. BACANI, Philip Jorge P.
136. BADDIRI, Jurmobin T.
137. BADILLA, Reynaldo R.
138. BAGASIN, Gladys Sarah R.
139. BAGRO, III, Herminio C.
140. BAGSAO-MANALANG, Liza Lorena C.
141. BAINTO, Naealla Rose M.
142. BALAGOT, Anthony Quin A.
143. BALAIS, Jason P.
144. BALANGKIG, Glynmar C.
145. BALBASTRE, Kristoffer Gil P.
146. BALBASTRE, III, Juanito H.
147. BALDERAMA, Gilberth D.
148. BALDOMAR, Ceezaye A.
149. BALDRIAS-SERRANO, Lorybeth R.
150. BALISACAN, Ryan Hartzell C.
151. BALIÑA, Elsa T.
152. BALLESTEROS, Danilo C.
153. BALSICAS, Noel D.
154. BALTAZAR, Ben Joshua A.
155. BANA, Aldous Januarius S.
156. BANDAY, Christine Joy B.
157. BANDERADO, Theodore P.
158. BANDILLA, Enrico G.
159. BANDONG, Therese Lynn R.
160. BANGUIS, Joseph L.
161. BANQUERIGO, Mark Christoffel L.
162. BAQUIAL, Cheryl L.
163. BAQUIANO, Randolph P.
164. BAQUIRAN, Giovani Gio G.
165. BARBA, Ria Karla A.
166. BARENG, Christian P.
167. BARENG, Jezer G.
168. BARIMBAO, Maria Rainelda L.
169. BARIT-CARIG, Ayn Marie Grace G.
170. BARLIS, Lanie Lee Marie A.
171. BARODI, Norhabib Bin Suod S.
172. BAROLA, Sherwin Gardner A.
173. BARROA, III, Guillermo B.
174. BARRON, E. Patrice Jamaine T.
175. BARTOLOME, Ryan Philipp L.
176. BARZAGA, Kristian G.
177. BASAR, Jamaloden A.
178. BATALA, Ngiyan P.
179. BATAN, Timothy John R.
180. BATHAN, Joseph Patrick Byron M.
181. BATHAN, Marygrace DC.
182. BATINGANA, Nicole R.
183. BATINGANA, Nikko R.
184. BATONAN, Elizabeth O.
185. BAUTISTA, Antonette L.
186. BAUTISTA, Deodar Lovell C.
187. BAUTISTA, Gino Marco P.
188. BAUTISTA, Jennifer L.
189. BAUTISTA, Ma. Carmencita P.
190. BAUTISTA, Roderick L.
191. BAUTISTA-ALDAVE, Maria Minerva T.
192. BAUZON, Edward R.
193. BAYHON, Margret D.
194. BAYOT, Armi Beatriz E.
195. BAÑAL, Gilemi L.
196. BAÑARES, Marcus Aurellius M.
197. BELENO, Efren B.
198. BELGICA, Jeremiah B.
199. BENIPAYO, Lourdes P.
200. BERANGO, Joan Abigail B.
201. BERNARDO, Arly Christine S.
202. BERNARDO, JR., Lester F.
203. BEROL, Ronald S.
204. BERONQUE, Al L.
205. BETITO, James Anthony D.
206. BILGERA, Ma. Corazon B.
207. BILLONES, Cherrie Lou H.
208. BINALDO, Julie M.
209. BINUYA, Mary Dian Grace N.
210. BLANCO, Janess A.
211. BOGACON, Melissa W.
212. BOGNEDON, Jado Rafael A.
213. BOLAÑO, Richie John D.
214. BOLAÑOS, Ma. Julie C.
215. BOLISAY, Bernard James S.
216. BONIFACIO, Gherwin S.
217. BORNAS, Renier Joy Nonito B.
218. BORRES, Mark D.
219. BORROMEO, Carlo C.
220. BORROMEO, Maria Lilia Gemmilyn M.
221. BORROMEO, II, Noel T.
222. BORROMEO-SY, Ruth G.
223. BOSI, Christine Joy D.
224. BOY, Allen Blair B.
225. BRAVO, Hanna Lee E.
226. BRIASA, Gerardo S.
227. BRILLANTE, JR., Bayani B.
228. BRION, Valery Joy A.
229. BRUAL, Johannes Angelo L.
230. BUENAFE, Roy L.
231. BUENVIAJE, Rickson M.
232. BUMAGAT-NACPIL, Journalyn S.
233. BURGOS, Aileen Grace H.
234. BUSLIG, Jenny Vi B.
235. BUTED, Kristine Angeline R.
236. CAABAY, Herminia E.
237. CABADING, III, Mauro Anthony B.
238. CABALONGA, Ella A.
239. CABANSAG, Jasmin S.
240. CABAYAN, Maria Theresa P.
241. CABEZA, April D.
242. CABIGAS, Chato A.
243. CABRAL, Fernan H.
244. CABRERA, Nathaniel G.
245. CABRIDO, Jorge Christian A.
246. CADIO, Joan O.
247. CAFE, Dominador
248. CAGAS, Den Ryan R.
249. CAGUIOA, Arvin M.
250. CAJARA, Marian L.
251. CAJARDO, Monique E.
252. CAJIPO, Karen C.
253. CALABIO, Garri T.
254. CALACAL, Roda K.
255. CALAOA, Elizabeth B.
256. CALDERON, Arnel T.
257. CALEJESAN, Roldan G.
258. CALLEJO, Marc Karlo N.
259. CAMAZO, Lawrence S.
260. CAMBA, John Rainier T.
261. CAMPILAN, Kristine Esther F.
262. CAMPOS, Maria Paz Geraldine J.
263. CAMTUGAN, II, Francis Rae G.
264. CANAPI-OTGALON, Marites A.
265. CANIOS, Charisma Eden N.
266. CANLAS, Jerome D.
267. CANO, Maricel D.
268. CANTO-HERNANDEZ, Rosalyn C.
270. CAPISTRANO, Armand P.
271. CARBO, Ramon Q.
272. CARDENAS, Marites G.
273. CARDENAS-EJERCITO, Aileen Mary S.
274. CARIÑO, Materno Marcos Ma. G.
275. CARO, Danna Wylene R.
276. CARPIO, May Flor C.
277. CARRANZA, Kamille Joyce E.
278. CARRASCO, Angeline Marie T.
279. CARRASCO-AZUCENA, Maria Bernadette R.
280. CARREON, Cresilda B.
281. CARTUJANO, Mariblithe A.
282. CASES, Katharina C.
283. CASIPIT, Jekereen Joy R.
284. CASTELLANO, Janice P.
285. CASTILLO, Chrisgene A.
286. CASTILLO, Dyann O.
289. CASTRO, Easter Princess U.
290. CASTRO, Meliecar R.
291. CATAHAN, Emmanuel D.
292. CATALAN, Kelly Eusebio P.
293. CATAMEO, Marizon C.
294. CATAPAT, Maria Nenita D.
295. CAYLAO, Christian Ferdinand R.
296. CAYOD-ONG, Ma. Angelica M.
297. CAÑARES, Marlon T.
298. CAÑAS, Vicente B.
299. CAÑERO, Marvin P.
300. CAÑETE, Maria Floren S.
301. CAÑETE, Vincent Ryan Y.
302. CEBUJANO, Ceasar Augustos E.
303. CENIZA, Deonhar M.
304. CEPILLO, Kenelyn DG.
305. CERVANTES, Maria Patricia R.
306. CHAM, Edward C.
307. CHAN, Rochelle T.
308. CHARCOS, Katheri Ann L.
309. CHAVEZ, Stephanie R.
310. CHING, Diane Madelyn C.
311. CHING, Wilbert H.
312. CHIONG, Chiole L.
313. CHU, Allan Christopher S.
314. CHUA, Joana Olivia L.
315. CHUA, Jose L.
316. CHUA, Robinita P.
317. CHUA, Sheryl Lyn T.
318. CIPRIANO, Ma. Dominique Christine S.
319. CLAR, Edgar Bonette B.
320. CLAVERIA, Kathleen Karinina R.
321. CLEDERA, Tristan Jiff B.
322. CLORIBEL, Michael P.
323. CLOSA, Felippe Mart E.
324. CO, Jillian Marie B.
325. CO, Maria Theresa C.
326. COLAGO, John Paul G.
327. COLIAMCO, Cherry C.
328. COLLADO, Jo Ellaine L.
329. COMPE, JR., Graciano C.
330. CONCEPCION, Haidee M.
331. CONCEPCION, Mark Nette E.
332. CONCEPCION, Rowena L.
333. CONDAT, Ariel B.
334. CONEJOS, Antonio Esteban G.
336. CONSTANTINO, Arturo Jose M.
337. CONSUL, Jurist Castrence R.
338. CORDERO, Antonette B.
339. CORDERO, JR., Jose I.
340. CORPUZ, Marichelle G.
341. CORRO, Arlyn T.
342. CORSIGA, Joachim Florencio Q.
343. CORTEZ, Elmo R.
344. CORTON, Gabriel P.
345. CREAG, Mary Joyce Roselle P.
346. CREER, Eleanor M.
347. CRISTALES, Inban Q.
348. CRUCIO, Gina A.
349. CRUZ, Mary Grace G.
350. CRUZ, Richard Leonard A.
351. CRUZ, JR., Jessie A.
352. CU, Lourdes Clarissa Donnatilla K.
353. CUANSING, Edward Joseph C.
354. CUARTERO, Floritz G.
355. CUEVAS, Dolly Angeli M.
356. CUEVAS, Faith A.
357. CULIMA, Riza Ann Donalyn B.
358. CUNANAN, Earvene Jared S.
359. CUNANAN, Myron C.
360. CUNTAPAY, Ana Florence S.
361. DACAWI, Joseph-hans B.
362. DACPANO, Jeannette M.
363. DADIS, Joel P.
364. DALANGIN, Aysac V.
365. DALAWAMPU, Louie Mark M.
366. DALIGCON, Mumar T.
367. DAMASCO, Elmer P.
368. DANAO, JR., Camilo N.
369. DANGLI, Florimae L.
370. DAPULA, Katrina C.
371. DARBIN, Billy Joe Ivan D.
372. DARE, Katrina S.
373. DAUS, Christopher B.
374. DAVIDE, JR., Jorge S.
375. DAY, Tzadhi C.
376. DAYANGHIRANG, Rochelle A.
377. DAYAO, Vincent M.
378. DAYO, Jesus Frederick D.
379. DE CASTRO, Maureen B.
380. DE GRACIA, Elinor E.
381. DE GUIA, Eugenie Celie A.
382. DE GUZMAN, Cara Martha R.
383. DE GUZMAN, Jacquelyn L.
384. DE GUZMAN, Jason B.
385. DE GUZMAN-ALINAO, Kristina D.
386. DE JESUS, Allelu N.
387. DE JESUS, Darren M.
388. DE JESUS, Jennyvive L.
389. DE KEYSER, Evee Eunice P.
390. DE LEON, Cindy A.
391. DE LOS REYES, Maricor V.
392. DE VERA, Coney Rose M.
393. DE VERA, IV, Felipe Geoffrey K.
394. DE VILLA, Lezel E.
395. DECANO, Ronald John B.
396. DEGUIÑO, Aileen M.
397. DEKIRE, Samrollah M.
398. DEL ROSARIO, Katrina Elsa D.
399. DEL CASTILLO, Xavier Paolo R.
400. DEL PILAR, Jovill C.
401. DEL PUERTO, Laurence Edgardo A.
402. DEL ROSARIO, Maria Katrina G.
403. DEL ROSARIO, Rafael Celestino D.
404. DELA CALZADA, Jo Feliz Marie M.
405. DELA CRUZ, Lenielyn S.
406. DELA CRUZ, Roderick C.
407. DELA CRUZ, Walter Magnum D.
408. DELA FUENTE, Kim Ceasar P.
409. DELA PEÑA, Eleanor P.
410. DELA PEÑA, Nikki Rose L.
411. DELA ROSA, Arnel A.
412. DELANTAR, Eleanor S.
413. DELAS ALAS, Noel A.
414. DELEGIRO, Janet L.
415. DELES, Karla Grace J.
416. DELEÑA, Ryan B.
417. DELFIN, Diana Jane F.
418. DELFIN, Gerri Ann C.
419. DELOS SANTOS, Benito Jose L.
420. DEMAFELIS, Jo Anne S.
421. DEMANO, Mary Pauline R.
422. DENILLA, Resly Ann M.
423. DEPASUCAT, Hope Marey B.
424. DESINGAÑO, Ritchelle M.
425. DETICIO, Farid Eshwer C.
426. DEVELOS, V, Esperidion Augustus O.
427. DIAZ, Ana Charissa D.
428. DIAZ, Daniel L.
429. DIAZ, Ferdinand Arthur B.
430. DIAZ, Ma. Hiyasmin N.
431. DIAZ, Romano M.
432. DIAZ, JR., Honorio T.
433. DICHAVES, Kenny Roy S.
434. DICKPUS, Charisma Anne O.
435. DIESTRO-DESLATE, Gwendolyn
436. DIETA, Don G.
437. DILLA, Marlon A.
438. DIMARUCUT, Ivy C.
439. DIOKNO, Michael William T.
440. DIWA, Wilhelmina M.
441. DIZON, Betheena C.
442. DIZON, Jeifan-ira C.
443. DIZON, Mark Anthony P.
444. DIZON, Peter Michael G.
445. DOBLADA, Marife C.
446. DOBLE, Francis R.
447. DOFELIZ, Auxillador Avitus D.
448. DOGELIO, Jairus Anthony D.
449. DOLIGON, Daniel C.
450. DOMINGO, Katrina Frances M.
451. DOMOGAN, Janice Marie N.
452. DOOLANI, Sunita G.
453. DOQUILLA, Rubylin G.
454. DRILON, Catherine Marie D.
455. DUEÑAS, Odyssa A.
456. DUJUNCO, Raquel R.
457. DUKA, Annabelle B.
458. DULIG, Amethyst L.
459. DUMALIANG, Jana A.
460. DUMPIT, Donna Diana R.
461. DY, Samantha Paula G.
462. EBARLE, Emanuelle A.
463. ECLAR, Catherine M.
464. EDULAN, Charles Ceasar L.
465. ELBANBUENA, Kahlil Paolo O.
466. ELTANAL, Karen Mae G.
468. ENAGE, Kim Boysie A.
469. ENCANTO, Melissa R.
470. ENCARNACION, Vincent Joseph T.
471. ENCINARES, Marife E.
472. ENERIA, Celeste E.
473. ENRILE, Christy Irene D.
474. ENRIQUEZ, Marizza P.
475. ENRIQUEZ, III, Juan Jose P.
476. ENTREDICHO, Delima S.
477. ESCALA, Lyndon D.
478. ESCALANTE, JR., Felix M.
479. ESCALANTE, JR., Vic T.
480. ESCANDER, Abdel Jalil A.
481. ESCIO, Madonna Gay L.
482. ESCOLANO, JR., Benjamin V.
483. ESCOLAR, Ahmad Clay C.
484. ESCUBIO, Jessica Guia E.
485. ESPALDON, Ruel H.
486. ESPARRAGO, Janice C.
487. ESPEJO, Bernadette B.
488. ESPEJO, Edwin M.
489. ESPEJON, Charisse B.
490. ESPERANTE, Jason C.
491. ESPINAS, Jeshiree D.
492. ESPINO, Franco P.
493. ESPINOSA, Kristine M.
494. ESPUELAS, Haide T.
495. ESTAÑO, Liza Jane B.
496. ESTEBAN, Sheena E.
497. ESTORNINOS, Jamil V.
498. ESTUR, Mark Julius C.
499. EUSTAQUIO, Karldon M.
500. EVANGELISTA, Anna Tricia P.
501. EVANGELISTA, Ma. Rebecca G.
502. EVANGELISTA, Roberto P.
503. FAJARDO, Juan Paolo F.
504. FALCON, Lyndon D.
505. FAMOR, Pacholo S.
506. FARAON, Redeemer B.
507. FAUNI, Peter Joseph L.
508. FELIX, Melchor M.
509. FERNANDEZ, Clint M.
510. FERNANDEZ, Dick F.
511. FERRER, Anthony G.
512. FETILO, Aires R.
513. FILARMEO, Charmaine Joy P.
514. FLORES, Divina M.
515. FLORES, Erickson A.
516. FLORES, Judith T.
517. FONTANILLA, Psyche Rizsavi B.
518. FORNOLLES, Angelo Vegie A.
519. FORTICH, Farrah N.
520. FRANCISCO, Valerie E.
521. FRIAS, Ma. Karla Denise M.
522. FUENTES-DUMLAO, Camille Rose D.
523. FUNTILA, Karla A.
524. GABATO, Vien Lawrence S.
525. GABINETE, John Warren P.
526. GABRILLO, Jenifer M.
527. GABUYA, Ademar A.
528. GAFFUD, Jovilyn M.
529. GALANG, Arman Jason M.
530. GALANG, Marianette A.
531. GALARRITA, Kathryn A.
532. GALIMA, III, Epifanio Delbert G.
533. GALLARDO, Jeffrey G.
534. GALURA, Maria Ofelia B.
535. GALVEZ, Grace A.
536. GAMALO, Castor A.
537. GAMAS, Godwin B.
538. GAMBOA, Jufran A.
539. GAMBOA, Mark Anthony M.
540. GAN, Hansen P.
541. GANAN, Mark Anthony N.
542. GANDAMRA, Khanini B.
543. GANDIONCO, Barbara Anne A.
544. GANZON, Leo Theodore A.
545. GARCE-MEJIA, Racquel F.
546. GARCELLANO, Anita B.
547. GARCIA, Andrea Lou J.
548. GARCIA, Charlie S.
549. GARCIA, Irvin L.
550. GARCIA, Leamor B.
551. GARCIA, Ronaldo M.
552. GARCIA, JR., Alberto C.
553. GARCIA, JR., Jose Melandro H.
554. GARCIANO, Suzette L.
555. GARIANDO, Cesar C.
556. GARRAEZ, Albert C.
557. GARRIDO, Maica C.
558. GATCHALIAN, Oliver R.
559. GATMAITAN, Rowena B.
560. GAUDIEL, IV, Bibiano Marc P.
561. GAVIOLA, Bryan O.
562. GAVIOLA, Maria Christina E.
563. GAVIOLA, Mark Anthony P.
564. GAYAGAY-APALING, Catherine B.
565. GEALAN, Noel Francis L.
566. GELLADO-CARREON, Maricon M.
567. GENCIANOS, Eden Rachel M.
568. GENERAL, Jose Martin O.
569. GENERAL, Maria Francina Louise O.
570. GENERAL, Marianne C.
571. GENOVA, Carmi Rose M.
572. GENOVESA, Katherine A.
573. GENTUGAYA, Norman Vincent O.
574. GEPOLONGCA, Josecor S.
575. GERONIMO, Krystine B.
576. GERONIMO, Maria Ilyn C.
577. GERONIMO, Michelle N.
578. GEROY, Mylen C.
579. GERSAVA, Socrates T.
580. GESMUNDO, Joseph Benedict G.
581. GEÑOSO, Al An E.
582. GIGANTONE, Alexander G.
583. GIGAWIN, Ma. Kristina R.
584. GINGO, Rowena G.
585. GITGANO, Lylani A.
586. GLORIA, Laila May A.
587. GO, Sheila Abigail O.
588. GOCHANGCO, Jose Marie V.
589. GODORNES, Janice A.
590. GOMEZ, Gian Franco R.
591. GOMEZ, Ma. Krizna S.
592. GONZALES, Antonio G.
593. GONZALES, Jesus Nathaniel Martin B.
594. GONZALES, Nichole D.
595. GONZALES, Ricel M.
596. GONZALES, Ulysses L.
597. GONZALES, III, Emilio R.
598. GONZALES-DIEGO, Maria Victoria M.
599. GONZALEZ, Yves-randolph P.
600. GOZE, Gilbert C.
601. GREGORIO, Carlo O.
602. GUALBERTO, Rhett Matthew S.
603. GUANZON, Kathlyn Joy M.
604. GUAZON, Rhea A.
605. GUELOS, Orchid Marie D.
606. GUERRA, Marvin Jasper B.
607. GUIAM, Joseph E.
608. GUIANG, Sandra Therese Christine C.
609. GUINOCOR, Rysan C.
610. GUIRAO, Nerissa G.
611. GUMALING, JR., Robert N.
612. GUTIERREZ, Alvin A.
613. GUTIERREZ, Chiara Feliz C.
614. GUTIERREZ, Melina Rose E.
615. GUTIERREZ, Rowena M.
616. GUZMAN, Carl Stephen A.
617. GUZMAN, Cristina Amelia R.
619. HALILI, Madonna F.
620. HAMOY, Jim A.
621. HERMOSO, Rosa Christina R.
622. HERMOSURA, Glenda V.
623. HERNAEZ, III, Rosendo Emilio R.
624. HERNANDEZ, Juan Carlo B.
625. HERNANDEZ, Katrina P.
626. HERNANDEZ, Mary Catherine T.
627. HERNANDEZ, Michael Gerard S.
628. HERNANDO, Harold Kim C.
629. HERRERA, Pamela Joy T.
630. HILADO, Jessica Kristine F.
631. HILARIO, Alen Fredd L.
632. HIPOL, Aurora Catalina M.
633. HIRANG, Gemelee G.
634. HOLLERO, Valerie Anne H.
636. HUMARANG, Michael John M.
637. IBAOC, Cherry P.
638. IBAÑEZ, III, Manuel Joseph B.
639. IGNACIO, Erik Donn
640. IGNACIO, Vanessa Grace M.
641. ILAGAN, Ma. Criselda D.
642. ILAHAN, Benjan B.
643. ILANO, Helen Grace O.
644. IMPERIAL, Jonas Luis P.
645. INES, Benedict Vincent L.
646. INFANTE, Philippe Lauren M.
647. INGUITO, Lora Mae T.
648. INVENTOR, Angelo T.
649. IPAC, Jay-R C.
650. IRASGA, Matthew N.
651. IRORITA, Jay M.
652. JACOBA, Anthony Raphael V.
653. JAGMIS, Richander G.
654. JALA, Gena B.
655. JALAD, Andrew S.
656. JAMBALOS, Johanna V.
657. JANIYA, Shalom P.
658. JARDELEZA, Maria Carmen L.
659. JARENCIO, Cherylle E.
660. JAVELLANA, Gerardo B.
661. JAVIER, Maureen Seymour D.
662. JAVIER, IV, Eugene C.
663. JAVIER-JIMENEZ, Cristina Marie Eugenie R.
664. JAVINAR, Donato B.
665. JIMENEZ, Arianne Vanessa Josephine T.
666. JIMENEZ, Jasmine M.
667. JIMENEZ, Thea Marie B.
668. JIMENO, Nikki Sarah V.
669. JORDAN, Roma Joy R.
670. JORNADA, Ryan Rene C.
671. JORVINA, Karmela H.
672. JOSON, Joanna Marie O.
673. JOVEN, Suzette C.
674. JUBAN, Rowell G.
675. JULIAN, Cherry Amor A.
676. JUNIO, Irene May I.
677. KABATAY, Rodrigo Jose A.
678. KANAPI, Erwin Bryan S.
679. KAPUNAN, Armina Dielle R.
680. KATALBAS, Jubert P.
681. KO, Kevin L.
682. LABADAN, Leah Theresa L.
683. LABANEN, Argyle Karen M.
684. LABAO, Daisy Jane L.
685. LABITAD, Tarcisio Z.
686. LABRO, JR., Edwin Valente Z.
687. LACANILAO, Redgeanald S.
688. LACUATA, Daniel Christian B.
689. LACUESTA, Andrea Patricia R.
690. LAGMAY, Nikko G.
691. LAGOS, Caroline P.
692. LAGUESMA, Gabriel Russel B.
693. LAGUINDAM, Arvin E.
694. LAINEZ, Marco Gregorio L.
695. LAITA, Rainier F.
696. LAMANILAO, Stephen A.
697. LAMAYAN, Gretchen D.
698. LAMBINO, Marie Claire Therese C.
699. LAMEYRA, Ericson D.
700. LAMINATO, Claryl-anne D.
701. LAPUZ, Anson T.
702. LAPUZ, Jesusa R.
703. LARON, Richard E.
704. LASAM, Ma. Katrina A.
705. LASSITER, Bryan A.
706. LASTIMOSO, Arthur J.
707. LATAWAN, Wade A.
708. LATO, Lesley Norreen G.
709. LAVA, Ma. Glaiza L.
710. LAYSON, Reinier B.
711. LAYUG, Marilet S.
712. LAZA, Rely D.
713. LAZARO, Paul Ernest M.
714. LEE, Everlene O.
715. LEE, Judith Z.
716. LEGASPI, Melvin I.
717. LEQUIGAN-PIOL, Milagros C.
718. LERIOS, Edmar D.
719. LEYNES, Jerome Christopher G.
720. LIANZA, Mellicent C.
721. LIBERATO, Allen A.
722. LIBUTAQUE, Jenny G.
723. LICAROS, Anna Theresa L.
724. LIGUTAN, Amando Virgil D.
725. LIM, Aldean Philip A.
726. LIM, Bernadette C.
727. LIM, Charmian D.
728. LIM, Dianne A.
729. LIM, Elnathan C.
730. LIM, Janette T.
731. LIM, John Paul T.
732. LIM, May Abigail T.
733. LIM, Shelly T.
734. LIMBONHAI, Katrina Anne T.
735. LIMPOT, Marcelina C.
736. LIN, Chin C.
737. LINDONGAN, Arnel A.
738. LIONG, Frederick G.
739. LIPORADA, Isagani S.
740. LIQUETE, John Henry C.
741. LIRA, Jimmy Lyn F.
742. LIZANO, Jennifer M.
743. LIZASO, Marina Elenita S.
744. LLAMEDO, Lecel R.
745. LLASOS, Ma. Paz A.
746. LLAVE, Jose Fernando G.
747. LLEDO, Precious Angela L.
748. LLESOL, Kristine Jolly S.
749. LLOSA, Ruben M.
750. LOBO, Allan C.
751. LOBO, Alvin C.
752. LOGRONIO, Nelson U.
753. LOMBOY, Alex Norman B.
754. LONTOK, Benito M.
755. LOPEZ, Jess Raymund M.
756. LOPEZ, Nastasja Karina J.
757. LOPEZ, Precious Czar A.
758. LOPEZ, Sarah Jane D.
759. LOPEZ, Welson M.
760. LORENZO, Rochelle V.
761. LORENZO, III, Andres D.
762. LOZANO, JR., Ernesto S.
763. LOZARE, Allan C.
764. LUBRIO, Maria Cristina L.
765. LUCERO, Arlene O.
766. LUCILA, Marguerite Therese L.
767. LUGO, Marylois C.
768. LUMAGUE, Ma. Cecille D.
769. LUMAUIG, Timothy Joseph N.
770. LUMAWAG, Joan O.
771. LUNA, Hans Roger S.
772. LUNA, Reymund F.
773. LUNDANG, Lynneth T.
775. LUZUNG, Fred C.
776. MABANSAG, Ulidia B.
777. MABUTE, Neddejohn L.
778. MACABATA, Michael S.
779. MACAGAAN, Sittie Aleah C.
780. MACALABO-ABDUL, T'hasmin P.
781. MACALINTAL, Ma. Jinel G.
782. MACAM, JR., Cezar A.
784. MACAPAYAG, Neliza N.
785. MACAPILI, Judelyn T.
786. MACASAET, Bhong Paulo A.
787. MACASAET, Julius Caesar Junior I.
788. MACLANG, Cisco Franz S.
789. MADARCOS, Rachelle G.
790. MADERAZO, Gail Stephanie C.
791. MADRID, Dianne Ricci DC.
792. MAGALLOSA, Jan Rey E.
793. MAGAT, Edward S.
794. MAGCAMIT, Eric Jay A.
795. MAGLANQUE, JR., Abelardo P.
796. MAGLASANG, Chevrolie E.
797. MAGLUNOG, Tiffany Kim R.
798. MAGMANLAC, Joysha D.
799. MAGSANO, Rexie May E.
800. MAGUGAT, Jenny Vi H.
801. MAGUIGAD, Vanessa Q.
802. MAILOM, Mariel A.
803. MAIQUEZ, Kristine Anne L.
804. MALABANAN, Melvin C.
805. MALALUAN, Joseph S.
806. MALANG, Kristine Margret M.
807. MALAPITAN, Elmar H.
808. MALINAO, Rose A.
809. MALLETE, Elbert R.
810. MALLILLIN, Bryan Joseph L.
811. MALLILLIN, Maria Rea A.
812. MALVEDA, Patrick John V.
813. MANAHAN, Elson B.
814. MANAHAN, Geline Joy C.
815. MANALANG, Jerry L.
816. MANALO, Eric N.
817. MANANES, Edward Martin M.
818. MANCOL, Creschic C.
819. MANDAP, Charity P.
820. MANGAMPO, Mark Philip C.
821. MANGUERA, Aris S.
822. MANGUERA, Erwin C.
823. MANINGAS, Peter Kate C.
824. MANLANGIT, Constantino U.
825. MANLAPAZ, Benedicto G.
826. MANLAPAZ, Raian Joy G.
827. MANTICAJON, Ian Vincent C.
828. MANZANO, Catherina N.
829. MAPULA, Paolo Marco R.
830. MAQUIRAYA, Mark Albert Gregory B.
831. MARAJAS, Camille Suzanne R.
832. MARALIT, Maricon Z.
833. MARASIGAN, Michael Jobert M.
834. MARASIGAN, Nicholas S.
835. MARAÑON, III, Emilio L.
836. MARIANO, Charlen Masha A.
837. MARIANO, Karmina A.
838. MARISTAZA, Ryan F.
839. MARISTAZA, JR., Romulo T.
841. MARQUEZ, Carlo B.
842. MARQUEZ, Jemil Christian B.
843. MARTIN, Marilou C.
844. MARTINEZ, Joseph L.
845. MARTINEZ, Ken Emery B.
846. MARTIZANO, Giuseppe G.
847. MARZAN, Kareen Silver P.
848. MAS, JR., Emmanuel N.
849. MATIAS, Michael Drake P.
850. MATIB, Erwin G.
851. MATOZA, Jason T.
852. MATULOY, Rhandell Alvin B.
853. MAUHAY, Gisela Cecilia A.
854. MAUNTING, Aisa (Bruneiry) G.
855. MAZO, Rosalie T.
856. MEDEL, Edward B.
857. MEDEZ, Rosanne Chriselle S.
858. MEDRANO, Ryan P.
859. MEER, Francis James E.
860. MELCHOR, Jennifer M.
861. MENCHAVEZ, Estrella G.
862. MENCHAVEZ, Llewelyn P.
863. MENDIGUARIN, Donna D.
864. MENDIOLA, Dana Paula B.
865. MENDOZA, Bernadette C.
866. MENDOZA, Felix Glenn C.
867. MENDOZA, Josephine Marie B.
868. MENDOZA, Julie Aylene DV.
869. MENDOZA, Marco T.
870. MENDOZA, Rizaldy L.
872. MERACAP, Charlemaigne L.
873. MERCADO, Aissa C.
874. MERCADO, Ronald Crisanto P.
875. MERIN, Iris Victoria U.
876. MESA, Reina L.
877. MESINA, Bridget Rose M.
878. MESINA, Rita Marie L.
879. MIGRIÑO, Joseph R.
880. MIGUEL, Filamer D.
881. MIJARES, Cecil Joy T.
882. MIMBALAWAG, Ibrahim M.
883. MINA, Marita Anna C.
884. MIRANDA, Francis E.
885. MIRANDA, Hazel May P.
886. MIRANDA, Maricel C.
887. MIRASOL, Rommel Jan T.
888. MOCNANGAN, Tom P.
889. MODESTO, Katherine Joy R.
890. MOHAMETANO, Gift S.
891. MOLDEZ, Maria Cecilia A.
892. MOLINA, Chenellyn S.
893. MOLINA, Mat J.
894. MOLINA, Rosana M.
895. MOLO, Junalit G.
896. MONCERA, Ana Marie N.
897. MONDEZ, Thomas Elliot A.
898. MONFERO, Deane Ruth S.
899. MONJE, Johannes S.
900. MONSOD, Eunice Zuleika N.
901. MONTEALTO, Beverly V.
902. MONTECILLO, Conchita D.
903. MONTEFALCON, Donna April G.
904. MONTEMAYOR, Patrick G.
905. MONTENEGRO, Nabi Karl Bayani O.
906. MONTERO, Froilan A.
907. MONTERO, II, Jose Voltaire B.
908. MONTESA, Cyrus Richard A.
909. MONTEZA, Evangeline C.
910. MONTIBON, Gemmini N.
911. MONTILLA, Aris R.
912. MORAL, Leah Marie A.
913. MORALDE, Ginalyn O.
914. MORALES, Maria Liberty D.
915. MORALES, Maria Teresa G.
916. MORALES, Rhea Joy M.
918. MOREÑO, J. Ricardo H.
919. MOSCARE, Daisy Lily O.
920. MOSQUERA, Joanne Lenny M.
921. MUAÑA, Cara S.
922. MUTIA, Rowena F.
923. MUÑIZ, Sheila DM.
924. MUÑOZ, Jo Ann Marie A.
925. NADUMA, Mat Kieven T.
926. NAMUAG, Maria Roana O.
927. NARIDO, Eleuterio C.
928. NATIVIDAD, Cynthia C.
929. NATIVIDAD, Peter Paul T.
930. NAVAL, Bodie Edward D.
931. NAVAL, Vanessa O.
932. NAVALLO, Michael Jobert I.
933. NAVARRO, Analissa V.
934. NAVARRO, F.J. Edmund Jensen S.
935. NAVARRO, Herbert C.
936. NAVERA, Angeline Z.
937. NEDIC, Riya Adelaida C.
938. NER, Alexander D.
939. NICANOR, Morgan R.
940. NICOLAS, Jeneline N.
941. NICOLAS, Jona Liza F.
942. NIERE, Sheila Simonet G.
943. NIERVA, Carmela B.
944. NOCOS, Gent Paul A.
945. NOLASCO, May Rachel S.
946. NUEVE, Thea Gicela C.
947. NUGUIT, Mark Anthony M.
948. NUÑEZ, Rene John V.
949. OANDASAN, Nelia O.
950. OASAY, Jenny F.
951. OBILES, Jayson
952. OBLIGACION, Romelyn A.
953. OBON, Maureen Rose T.
954. OBSUM, Shaun Hassen C.
955. OCAMPO, Analita E.
956. OCAMPO, Angelique Michelle Irene L.
957. OCAMPO, Kenneth Z.
958. OCAMPO, Lovereal Joy M.
959. OCAMPO, Ma. Sarah Kay N.
960. ODERO, Rhoda N.
961. OFENDA, Giovanni C.
962. OGOY-BERNARDO, Sherryl B.
963. OJEDA, Susana Grace L.
964. OLAN, Rodolfo M.
965. OLANO, Alisa Trena R.
966. OLERIANA, Caress L.
967. OLITOQUIT, Leila C.
968. ONA, Maricar L.
969. ONCOG-ALBANO, Rosa Theresa A.
970. ONG, Edward T.
971. ONG, Vic Ruskin M.
972. ONTALAN, Frances Mae Cherrie K.
973. OQUINDO-GONZAGA, Maria Karina B.
974. ORDONEZ, Lady May F.
975. ORILLA, Donna Marie G.
976. OROLA-ABAYGAR, Elnora J.
977. ORPIADA, Mary Jane N.
978. ORTEGA, Sarah T.
979. PAALA, Eumaida C.
980. PABALAN, Mary Grace A.
981. PABELLANO, Joycee M.
982. PABLEO, Ann Marie Teresa B.
983. PACHECO, Peter John Raymund B.
984. PACLEB, Kathleen Carisa C.
985. PADILLA, Agnes L.
986. PADILLA, Dexter V.
987. PADILLA, Patrick A.
988. PADILLA, Rafael Angelo M.
989. PADILLA, II, Victor Luis Q.
990. PADKIW, Appasan K.
991. PADULLO, JR., Macario C.
992. PAGAYANAN, Claire Eufracia P.
993. PAGUE, Kristine Jane B.
994. PAGUNSAN, Pampross J.
995. PALACAO-CONDAT, Cheryl M.
996. PALAD, Dennis M.
997. PALIC, Anabelle S.
998. PALLARCA, Cecilia S.
999. PALOMA, Eileen C.
1000. PAMINTUAN, III, Alberto D.
1001. PANDOY, May R.
1002. PANES, Shirley S.
1003. PANGANIBAN, Jasmin P.
1004. PAPA, Ma. Leonila P.
1005. PARAS, Joyce D.
1006. PARCIA, Mark Anthony M.
1007. PARDUCHO, Nestle Lyn M.
1008. PAREDES, Annabel M.
1009. PAREDES, Mark Allen M.
1010. PARGAS, May Chrysaliz E.
1011. PARROCHA, Rodan G.
1012. PASAGUI, Ryan Rey L.
1013. PASAMONTE, Jan Philip O.
1014. PASANA-TURGANO, Princesita C.
1015. PASCO, Lyle Filomeo C.
1016. PASCO, Maria Rosario B.
1017. PASCUA, Elmer G.
1018. PASCUA, Sherwin P.
1019. PASCUAL, Kalvin Henson C.
1020. PASCUAL, Rafael Allan P.
1021. PASCUAL, Rosemary T.
1022. PASTOR, Mark Steven C.
1023. PASTOR-CORPUZ, Gizelle R.
1024. PASTORFIDE, Grace C.
1026. PATANGAN, Al-may Sair F.
1027. PATDU, Ivy D.
1028. PATRIARCA, Judith P.
1029. PAUDAC, Hasminah D.
1031. PAZ, Ma. Patricia B.
1032. PE LIM, Alfred John C.
1033. PEDROSA, Arnel M.
1034. PELAEZ, Joseph Paul B.
1035. PELAYO-ALUTAYA, Marlou
1036. PELEA, Emmanuel E.
1037. PENADOS, Faith C.
1038. PENSOY, Randolf C.
1039. PEPITO, Charisse Faith T.
1040. PEPITO, Isar O.
1041. PERALTA, Xandrix J.
1042. PERANDOS, Mitos Shiela J.
1043. PERDIGUERRA-MUÑOZ, Divina Lea A.
1044. PEROLA, Melissa Grace T.
1045. PETEROS, Rosarie A.
1046. PEYRA, JR., Monico L.
1047. PEÑA-MALLANAO, Ana May Concepcion C.
1048. PEÑAFLOR, Maria Christina P.
1049. PICAR, Rianne M.
1050. PICO-ELUMBA, April Joan B.
1051. PIJO, JR., Reynaldo M.
1052. PINATARA, Nadjer D.
1053. PITAHIN, Ferdinand Emmanuel C.
1054. PITPIT, Froilan B.
1055. PIZARRO, January C.
1056. PIZARRO, IV, Zacarias L.
1057. PLATA, Kristine C.
1058. PLOTEÑA, Vivian T.
1059. PONCE, Rebecca Carla M.
1060. PONIO, IV, Amelia S.
1061. POSIO, Jake Patrick P.
1062. POZON, Ira Paulo A.
1063. PRADAS, Liza D.
1064. PRESTOZA, Anthony G.
1065. PUA, Maricris Connie B.
1066. PUACHE, Melojean M.
1067. PUERTO, Ofelia R.
1068. PULICAY, Rey B.
1069. PUNAY, Arceli C.
1070. PUNO, Vincent I.
1071. PUNSALAN, Enjl D.
1072. PURGANAN, Anthony J.
1073. PUSPUS, Archie B.
1074. PUZON, Dominique Jose S.
1075. PUZON, Jocelyn V.
1076. QUEROL, Marah Victoria S.
1077. QUEVENCO, Jesus Ramon M.
1078. QUIJANO, Mia Antonette M.
1079. QUILAQUIGA, Sharina C.
1080. QUIMPO, Nancy Aurora D.
1081. QUINIO, Patrick Joseph M.
1082. QUINTANILLA, Czarina G.
1083. QUINTON, Larry M.
1084. QUIOC, Marina Luz P.
1085. QUIOGUE, Marie Antonette B.
1086. QUIPSE, Isabel Milagros L.
1087. QUIRANTE, Aileen L.
1088. QUIÑONES, Charlie A.
1089. RABANAL, Diana F.
1090. RACOMA, Monica Rose B.
1091. RAFOLS, Jeanny Mae H.
1092. RAGOJOS, Michael A.
1093. RAMIREZ-CAÑETE, Margaux Angeli R.
1094. RAMIRO, Tanya Faye O.
1095. RAMOS, Frances Lynn C.
1096. RAMOS, Kristian Lorenz B.
1097. RAMOS, Lanie B.
1098. RAMOS-TEJADA, Elsiemarie B.
1099. RANCES, Katherine May N.
1100. RAPATAN, Neil Jerome A.
1101. RAVANERA, Ilya Kristine R.
1102. RAYOS DEL SOL, Juan Fermin D.
1103. REANTASO, Maria Celeste A.
1104. REBADOMIA, Venice Cyrus M.
1105. REBUGIO, Dani Jay G.
1106. RECTO, Rolando R.
1107. REDOBLADO, Bea Carla C.
1108. REDOBLE, Luisito D.
1109. REGALA-PAVIA, Alma Renee C.
1110. REGALADO, John Christian Joy A.
1111. RELAMPAGOS, Janris Jay G.
1112. REMIGIO, Frederick Jay E.
1113. REQUIÑO, II, Claudio G.
1114. RESARI, Steve G.
1115. REVAMONTE, Vanessa G.
1116. REY, Mark Ryan B.
1117. REYES, Cherrie Lynne May P.
1118. REYES, Irene Mischele B.
1119. REYES, Jennylyn V.
1120. REYES, John Philip L.
1121. REYES, Julius Christian L.
1122. REYES, Leslie Ann A.
1123. REYES, Mariflor V.
1124. REYES, Mark Anthony P.
1125. REYES, Mary Kristine C.
1126. REYES, Mary Ann H.
1127. REYES, Remus Romano A.
1128. REYES, JR., Arsenio C.
1129. REYNOSO, Jay Paolo A.
1130. RICABLANCA-PARGAS, Sonia Philipa M.
1131. RIMANDO, Rhiza Lee D.
1132. RISMA, Ace Victor F.
1133. RIVAS, Amy S.
1134. RIVERA, Lordaliza R.
1135. RIZON, Maria Theresa V.
1136. ROBINO, Leif John L.
1137. ROBLES, Margarita Angela B.
1138. ROBREDILLO, Jose Ruther P.
1139. ROCAMORA, Timothy John G.
1140. RODAS, Carlo D.
1141. RODENAS, Jason G.
1142. RODRIGUEZ, Jay Y.
1143. ROJAS, Aileez C.
1144. ROJO, Alejandro N.
1145. ROLDAN, Maria Theresa A.
1146. ROMERO, Anna Leah T.
1147. ROMERO, Ginalin Joy C.
1148. ROMERO, Maria Paula G.
1149. ROMERO, Ryan V.
1150. RONDARIO, Christina Eden M.
1151. RONULO, Jonathan B.
1152. ROQUE, Patricia Marie Regina V.
1153. ROSACIA, Diane Christie A.
1154. ROSALES, Rose Anne P.
1155. ROSOS, Mya Analene D.
1156. ROXAS, JR., Almario H.
1157. RUBINOS, Danielle-anne O.
1158. RUBIO, Ophelia Pilar E.
1159. RUEDAS, Ronald P.
1160. RUFO, Ivy G.
1161. RUFON, III, Jose Athanasius S.
1162. RUIZ, Kathleen Joy M.
1163. RUSELL, Rosemarie A.
1164. SABADO, Kathryn S.
1165. SABINO, Sheila May S.
1166. SAC, Abbiegail D.
1167. SACAY-HWANG, Emmeline A.
1168. SACLOLO, Sharon N.
1169. SACRAMENTO, Allan M.
1170. SAGADAL, Darius L.
1171. SAGCAL, Michael Arthur C.
1172. SAID, Johaira B.
1173. SALADA, Mary Ann T.
1174. SALAMAT, Aimee Abigail E.
1175. SALANGA, Yolanda A.
1177. SALCEDO, R Epicurus Charlo S.
1178. SALCEDO, Vera Shayne G.
1179. SALES, Rodante A.
1180. SALIGUMBA, Dyan Kristine R.
1181. SALLIDAO, Debie K.
1182. SALONGA, Rowena Fatima M.
1183. SALUD, Jose Victorniño L.
1184. SALVA, JR., Nelson C.
1185. SALVADOR, Christopher Sam S.
1186. SALVADOR, Jana Rebekah A.
1188. SALVE, Maria Edbiesa B.
1189. SAMPER, Yvette H.
1190. SAN DIEGO, Larina DG.
1191. SAN DIEGO-QUIJANO, Celine Muriel C.
1192. SAN JUAN, Leika P.
1193. SAN MIGUEL, Melisa L.
1194. SAN PEDRO, Fraulein B.
1195. SAN PEDRO, Kristin C.
1196. SANA, Elias Omar A.
1197. SANCHEZ, Angelo Albert T.
1198. SANCHEZ, Jennifer DL.
1199. SANCHEZ, Maruli Ali G.
1200. SANCHEZ, Olive B.
1201. SANCHEZ, Reinhard C.
1202. SANCHEZ, Richard P.
1203. SANCHEZ, JR., Jacinto C.
1204. SANCHEZ-LLORITO, Livian May
1205. SANDALO, Winlove Apple R.
1206. SANDOVAL, Edouard Y.
1207. SANGALANG, Ela A.
1208. SANIDAD, Dick R.
1209. SANIDAD, JR., Pablito F.
1210. SANTIAGO, Evangeline A.
1211. SANTIAGO, Glendale R.
1212. SANTIAGO, Marco P.
1213. SANTIAGO, Ronacyn P.
1214. SANTIAGO, JR., Eugenio M.
1215. SANTO, Carissa E.
1216. SANTOS, Ayesa Theresa S.
1217. SANTOS, Darwin B.
1218. SANTOS, Deborah B.
1219. SANTOS, Lea D.
1220. SANTOS, Nikki Neil R.
1221. SANTOS, Ryan V.
1222. SANTOS, Sheila A.
1223. SANTOS, Verna Kate B.
1225. SAPALO, Ignacio A.
1226. SAQUING, Claudette Michelle T.
1227. SARMIENTO, Frances Jeanne L.
1228. SAROMINES, Jonathan L.
1229. SARONA, Jazzie M.
1230. SARZA, Maneeka A.
1231. SAURA, III, Ramon A.
1232. SAYAS, Gerard M.
1233. SAYAT, Jenny H.
1234. SAYSON, Frances Lynette V.
1235. SEARES, Raphael Joseph B.
1236. SEDILLA, Jasmin P.
1237. SEGUERRA, Candy P.
1238. SENCIO, Suzanne Margaret T.
1239. SEREDRICA, Rodolfo M.
1240. SERGIO, Oliver Jhones R.
1241. SERILO, Rowena L.
1242. SERRANO, Jennifer J.
1243. SEVILLA, Hanniyah P.
1244. SEÑA, Raymund B.
1245. SIAO, Ronaldo Horacio B.
1246. SILONGAN, Sahara Alia J.
1247. SILVA, Hector C.
1248. SIMUNDAC, Maria Concepcion P.
1249. SINGSON, Wellah R.
1250. SINSON, Katherine G.
1251. SIOSANA, Minerva V.
1252. SISTOZA, Cristian Paulinne H.
1253. SO, Jim Roy D.
1254. SOBREVEGA, Mary Jean Q.
1255. SOLIDEO, Shin Kenneth A.
1256. SOLIMAN, Maria Aurora M.
1257. SOLIS, Rochelle Marie R.
1258. SOLIVEN, Victor Ariel G.
1259. SOLON, JR., Edgardo C.
1260. SOMERA, Aimie D.
1261. SOMERA, Quennie Agnes C.
1262. SONGCO, Christine Dianne V.
1263. SORIANO, Al L.
1264. SORIANO, Octavius G.
1265. SORIANO-AFALLA, Brenda Lyn S.
1266. SOTO, Katherine L.
1267. STA. ANA, Florences G.
1268. STA. ANA, Freznel B.
1269. STA. MARIA, Cicero L.
1270. STA. MARIA, Eunice M.
1271. STA. TERESA, Maria Luz S.
1272. SUAREZ, Marvin C.
1273. SUGANOB, Lynie C.
1274. SULIT, Jam Tristan L.
1275. SULTAN, Abdinsa S.
1276. SUMAGIT, Michael B.
1277. SUMAYOD, Jhoana Marie P.
1278. SUMILE, Barry C.
1279. SURALTA, Maria Doris B.
1280. SUSA, Jose B.
1281. SY, Catherine C.
1282. SY, Khristopher M.
1283. SY, Rachelle T.
1284. SY, Sherwin S.
1285. TABANAY, Ryan D.
1286. TABANDA, Roy Patrick C.
1287. TABERNERO-BUNAG, Vanessa P.
1288. TABIOS, Anna Leah A.
1289. TABIQUE, Katrina C.
1290. TABUNDA, Rod Patrick A.
1291. TACLA, Russell E.
1292. TADEO, Alexie Jane C.
1293. TADEO, Yasmine Lee R.
1294. TADINA-PASIA, Melody F.
1295. TAGALOGUIN, Fritz Z.
1296. TAHIR, Sharina I.
1297. TAJAN, Joy Stephanie C.
1298. TALLUNGAN, Brigida Jeanne T.
1299. TALUCAD, Tatiana Dolores F.
1300. TAMALA, Kenneth O.
1301. TAMAYO, Catherine E.
1302. TAMAYO, Ma. Yvette M.
1303. TAMONDONG, Juan Carlos S.
1304. TAN, Annie U.
1305. TAN, Art Lynson A.
1306. TAN, Eric David C.
1307. TAN, Joyce Melcar T.
1308. TAN, Maria Cristina A.
1309. TAN, Mhedora B.
1310. TAN, Stephanie Michelle C.
1311. TAN, JR., David P.
1312. TANKIANG, III, Eduardo Martin A.
1313. TANQUIENG, Paula Mae B.
1314. TAPALES, Patrick Joseph S.
1315. TAPIC, Charlene Mae C.
1316. TAPIRE, Helen Paulette D.
1317. TAQUED, Gamaliel S.
1318. TAVANLAR, Tomi L.
1319. TAÑGAN, Margret Faye G.
1320. TAÑOLA, Mc Ferlin P.
1321. TE, Meiji Hanna Z.
1322. TEH, Roselle P.
1323. TEMPLORA, Imerson L.
1324. TENAJA, Darwin A.
1325. TENTATIVA, June G.
1326. TERRADO, Marlon C.
1327. TIBAYAN, Irish Kirbee V.
1328. TIOJANCO, Bryan Dennis G.
1329. TIU, Jiecel S.
1330. TO, Joan Mae S.
1331. TOBES, Giselle Jill D.
1332. TOLEDO, Maria Joy O.
1333. TOLENTINO, Lovely V.
1334. TOLOSA, Gretchel L.
1335. TOMAS, Rudolfh M.
1336. TOMBO, Peter Paul M.
1337. TONGCUA, Paulette V.
1338. TORIO, John Ryan P.
1339. TORMON, Alvin A.
1340. TORREMOCHA, Edric P.
1341. TORRES, Ivy Grace O.
1342. TORRES, Maria Melissa G.
1343. TORREVILLAS, Juan Alfonso P.
1344. TRABAJO, III, Aureliano Marcus C.
1345. TRINIDAD, Carlos Vincent C.
1346. TRINIDAD, Chloe Hope B.
1347. TRIVIÑO, Diana Cecilia E.
1348. TRUMPO, Magno T.
1349. TUADLES, Leticia R.
1350. TUAZON, Cecilia M.
1351. TUBILLEJA, Liza T.
1352. TUGADO, Judie Rose P.
1353. TUMALIUAN, Gliricidia C.
1354. TURANO, Earlene Lirio R.
1355. TURANO II, Earl Ligorio R.
1356. TURINGAN, Norman Paul A.
1357. UEDA, Eric O.
1358. UMALI, Ma. Flerida Ruth B.
1359. UNCIANO, Rodel C.
1360. UNTALAN, Maria Rhodora P.
1361. UNTAYAO, Dictador V.
1362. URBANO, Mary Grace M.
1363. URBIZTONDO, Maria Cassandra M.
1364. USON, Anthony B.
1365. UY, Diana Grace L.
1366. UY, Karl Jordan D.
1367. UY, Kenneth T.
1368. UY, Lancaster L.
1369. UY, Michael Dionisio
1370. UY, Rachelle E.
1371. UY, Vismarck S.
1372. VALDEAVILLA, Maria Ermina V.
1373. VALDEZ, Joey N.
1374. VALDEZ, V, Francesco Manuel P.
1375. VALENCIA, Daisy Jane H.
1376. VALENZUELA, Ida Kristina Z.
1377. VALERA, Karla Regina D.
1378. VALERIO, Cristiellane T.
1379. VALEZA, Carlo T.
1380. VALLEJO, Maria Johanna N.
1381. VALMORES, Christopher Rey P.
1382. VARGAS, Michael George Andrew R.
1383. VASQUEZ, Ian Albert M.
1384. VECINA, Leilani P.
1385. VELASCO, Adrian Jay-R A.
1386. VELASCO, Diana A.
1387. VELASCO, Resurrection Florimae C.
1388. VELASCO-LAO, Francesca Marie R.
1389. VELMONTE, Rovelson R.
1390. VELUZ, Trixie Hazel C.
1391. VEN, Arlene A.
1392. VENTURA, Charleen L.
1393. VENTURA, III, Manuel Angelo B.
1394. VERALLO, Ivan B.
1395. VERANO, Toni Joy C.
1396. VERDIDA, Pete Uliver O.
1397. VERGA, Ma. Venarisse V.
1398. VERGARA, Doris R.
1399. VICTORIANO, Joni-Ross
1400. VILLACASTIN, Dandel Rose P.
1401. VILLAHERMOSA, Michelle Ann T.
1402. VILLALON, Rivah J.
1403. VILLANUEVA, Arjay Karlo F.
1404. VILLANUEVA, Elvin B.
1405. VILLANUEVA, James E.
1406. VILLANUEVA, Marc A.
1407. VILLANUEVA, Rafael Archie E.
1408. VILLANUEVA, Tessa Marie S.
1409. VILLAPANDO, Dorothy Grace R.
1410. VILLAR, Wilhenry M.
1411. VILLARAMA, Carlo D.
1412. VILLARIAS, Carlyn L.
1414. VILLAROYA, Errol L.
1415. VILLARTA, III, Romeo P.
1416. VILLARUEL, Ma. Carmela S.
1417. VILLASENDA, Emee M.
1418. VILLASTER, Michael Hanz D.
1419. VISTA, Maria Viola B.
1420. VITERBO, Llonil R.
1421. VIVAS, Darlene R.
1422. WAHAB, Johaira C.
1423. WAKAN, Edd Mark O.
1424. WARREN, Luis Anthony K.
1425. WEE, Sonia Bea L.
1426. WONG, Jerlyn M.
1427. YAMBAO, Reslyn M.
1428. YAN, Benjamin C.
1429. YANEZA, Yvette T.
1430. YANTO, Sofia C.
1431. YAP, Anna Marie D.
1432. YAP, Francis Sol S.
1433. YAP, German Lyndon O.
1434. YAP, Yellen B.
1435. YBAÑEZ, Serena Mae S.
1436. YEBRA, Reinier Paul R.
1437. YEUNG, Kurt Glen T.
1438. YLAGAN, Immaculada Concepcion C.
1439. YU, Ma. Karina P.
1440. YU, Margarita F.
1441. YU, JR., Cesar B.
1442. YULDE, Princessita M.
1443. YUMANG, Jose Edmar J.
1444. ZABALA, Reuben U.
1445. ZAFRANCO, Fernan Reagan P.
1446. ZAMBRANO, Jude Francis V.
1447. ZAMORA, Bettina N.
1448. ZANTUA, Maria Felicia T.
1449. ZARAGOZA, Ma. Edelyn A.
1450. ZERRUDO, John Paul C.
1451. ZULUETA, Amber June M.

source: Supreme Court of the Philippines