Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss Saad Festival 2011

Nine equally gorgeous, talented and witty young ladies representing nine different "Hubon" is vying  for this year's Miss Saad Festival 2011. The Finals night is on April 1 at 7 in the evening at Leganes Gymnasium.

The candidates are Maria Princess Jermaine Cabaron representing Hubon Mapainubuson of St. Vincent College, Nadine Mijares representing Hubon Manugwali of Barangay Guihaman, Shenna May Alcantara representing Hubon Manug-iwag, Jessa Carmelo representing Hubon Manluluwas of Barangay Cagamutan Norte, Laila Mae Jor representing Hubon Manalagna of Lapayon National High School, Salvacion Piodena representing Hubon Mahinangpanon of Barangay Guinobatan, Manievonne Colbera represting Hubon Misteryoso of Leganes Elementary School, Quennie Seran representing Hubon Milagroso and Charmaine Juelle representing Hubon Makugui of Nabitasan National High School.

Photograph courtesy of Leganesnon.

Mary Princess Jermaine Cabaron,16 years old 

Nadine Mijares, 19 years old

Shenna May Alcantara, 14 years old

Jessa Carmelo, 18 years old

Laila Mae Jor, 16 years old

Salvacion Piodena, 20 years old

Manievonne Colbera, 14 years old

Quennie Seran, 17 years old

Charmaine Juelle, 14 years old