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Dinagyang Festival Hall of Fame

Dinagyang Festival Winners from 1970 to 2008

1970 Madjapahit Tribe of Compania Maritima
1971 Mamau Tribe of Negros Navigation
1972 Mamau Tribe
1973 Mamau Tribe
1974 Last Warriors
1975 Tribu Hamili
1976 Tribu Hamili
1978 Tribu Atub-Atub
1979 No Specific Winner
1980 Tribu Himaya
1981 Tribu Molave
1982 Atub-Atub
1983 Tribu Binirayan
1984 Atub-Atub
1985 Tribu Kongo
1986 Tribu Kongo
1987 Tribu Guimbal
1988 Tribu Kongo
1989 Tribu Binirayan
1990 Tribu Sagasa
1991 Tribu Sagasa
1992 Tribu Sagasa
1993 Tribu Panaad
1994 Tribu Bola-Bola
1995 Tribu Binirayan
1996 Tribu Bola-Bola
1997 Tribu Bola-Bola
(Open Category) — (Barangay Category)
1998 Tribu Bola-Bola — Tribu Hamili
1999 Tribu Bola-Bola — Tribu Pana-ad
2000 Tribu Bola-Bola — Tribu Atub-Atub
2001 Tribu Bola-Bola — Tribu Molave
2002 Tribu Paghidaet — Tribu Molave
2003 Tribu Paghidaet — Tribu Atub-Atub
2004 Tribu Bola-Bola — Tribu Atub-Atub
2005 Tribu Silak — Tribu Pag-Asa
2006 Tribu Ilonganon
2007 Tribu Ilonganon
2008 Tribu Paghidaet

Dinagyang Festival 2009 Participating Tribes

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival Ati Competition
January 25, 2009

1. Tribu Paghidaet
2. Tribu Ilonganon
3. Ang Taga Jaro
4. Tribu Silak
5. Tribu Atub-Atub
6. Tribu Panagat ( formerly Tribu Parianon)
7. Tribu Pag-asa
8. Tribu Pana-ad
9. Tribu Molave
10. Tribu Aninipay
11. Tribu Binhi
12. Tribu Milagrosa (formerly Tribu Baryohanon)
13. Tribu Bantu
14. Tribu Hamili
15. Tribu Angola
16. Tribu Himala
17. Tribu Himal- us
18. Tribu Bola- Bola

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival Kasadyahan Competition
January 24, 2008

* Tribu Tinuom - Cabatuan
* Tribu Bayluhay - San Joaquin
* Tribu Saad - Leganes National High School
* Tribu Maragtas - WVSU
* Tribu Mandurriaonon - Mandurriao
* Tribu Banate

Complete Dinagyang 2009 Schedule of Activities

October 22, 2008

- 4:00 P.M (Kapamilya Dance Shown, Grand Launching, SM City Activity Center)

December 1, 2008

- 2:00 P.M. (LOCAL LAUNCH, SM City Activity Center)

December 12-15, 2008

- (NATIONAL LAUNCH Tiendiesitas, Greenhills Shopping Center and Malll of Asia)

December 10-11, 2008

- 1:00 P.M. (Dinagyang Kapamilya Dance Show Down, Elimination round, SM City Activity Center)

December 19, 2008 - (Friday)

- 2:00 P.M. (PAMUKAW, Assembly Area: Promenade passing Iznart, J.M. Basa to Freedom Grandstand)

December 13, 2008 - (Saturday)

- 3:00 P.M. (Ms Iloilo Dinagyang 2009 Presentation of Candidates, Robinsons Mall, Fountain Area)

December 14, 2008

- 3:00 P.M. (Ms Iloilo Dinagyang 2009 Presentation of Candidates, SM City Activity Area)

January 5, 2009

- 8:00 A.M. (Launching of tree for Life Nursery, ICHNS)
- 11:00 A.M. (Courtesy Call, Mayor's Office)
(Courtesy Call, City Tourism Office)

January 6, 2009

- 2:00 P.M. (Newspaper Gown Competition, SM City Activity Area)

January 7, 2009

- 3:00 P.M. (Fashion Show "Elegance by Alta Moda", Robinson's Place)

January 8, 2009

- 1:00 P.M. (Swimsuit & Talent Competition, SM City)

January 9, 2009

(Training Designing a Tourism Project, Grand Hotel)

January 10, 2009

- 3:00 P.M. (Talent Showcase, Robinson's Place)

January 10-25, 2009

- (Dinagyang Tourist Assistance Center & Ms. Iloilo Dinagyang 2009-Photo Exhibit, SM City)

January 11, 2009

- 5:00 P.M. (Presentation of Tourism Advocacy Projects, Headress & Casual Wear Competition, Grand Hotel)

January 13, 2009

- 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. (Ms. Iloilo Dinagyang 2009 Pre-Judging, Iloilo Grand Hotel)

January 14-22, 2009

- Masses, San Jose Parish Church)

January 14, 2009 - Wednesday

- 5:30 P.M. (Turning Over Ceremony for Incoming Hermano & Hermana Mayor, San Jose Parish Church)

January 14-15, 2009

(Ms. Iloilo Dinagyang 2009 Rehearsal)

January 16, 2009 - (Friday)

- 2:30 p.m. (Mass for opening Salvo of Tribe Dancers, San Jose Parish Church)
- 3:00 P.M. OPENING SALVO, Judging Area
- 5:00 P.M. Exhibit of Student-Generated Project, WVSU Cultural Center
Ms. Iloilo Dinagyang 2009 Technical Rehearsal
- 6:00 P.M. Multiple Intelligences in motion with PDA Winners Laarni & Bugoy, WVSU Cultural Center

January 17, 2009 - Sunday

- 7:00 P.M. (Coronation Night, MS. ILOILO DINAGYANG 2009, Colegio de San Jose)
SM Little, Warriors Dinagyang Costume Contest, SM City

January 17-18, 2009

(Warriors Festival Parade, SM City around Mall)

January 18, 2009 - (Sunday)

- 8:00 AM- 12:00 NN (Medical Mission, San Jose Parish Church)

January 19, 2009

- 9:00 A.M.(Healing Mass by Rev. Fr. Ramon Siquito, San Jose Parish Church)

January 19-20, 2009 - Monday and Tuesday

- (Night Final Rehearsal, Dinagyang Ati Tribes 2009, Dinagyang Parade Route

January 20, 2009 - Tuesday

- 10:00 AM (Healing Mass for the Sick, Aged and Abandoned Children, San Jose Parish Church)

January 21, 2009 - (Wednesday)

- 8:00 a.m.(Arrival of Pilgrim Image of Señor Santo Niño from Cebu City, Iloilo Port Terminal)
- 5:00 P.M. (Coronation of Princess Isabel 2009 and Dinagyang Niño 2009, San Jose Parish Church)
- 4:30 P.M. (Coronation of Queen Juana 2009 and Niño Dinagyang 2009, San Jose Parish Church)
- Night (Final Rehearsal, Kasadyahan 2009, Dinagyang Parade Route)

January 22-25, 2009 -(Thursday-Sunday)

- 2:00 P.M.-12 MN (Iloilo Hotel Resort & Restaurant Association Food Festival(IHRRA), Delgado St., Iloilo City)

January 23, 2009 - (Friday)

- 8:00 a.m.(DRUM AND BUGLE, Freedom Grandstand)
- 2:00 P.M. (Dinagyang Kapamilya Dance Showdown, Grand Finals, SM City Activity Center)
- 3:00 p.m.(FLUVIAL PROCESSION from Fort San Pedro Drive Inn to disembark in front of Customs House and followed by Solemn Procession to San Jose Church, San Jose Parish Church)
- 5:30 p.m. (Santo Niño mass in English to be followed by blessings of children, pregnant mothers Santo Niño images, San Jose Parish Church)
- 6:00 PM (GMA, Kapuso Night, Freedom Grandstand)

January 23-25, 2009

- (Warriors Festival Parade, SM City around Mall)
- (SM Street Party & Food Festival, SM City Car Park)

January 24, 2009 - Saturday

- 7:00 A.M. (Mass for Kasadyahan, San Jose Parish Churh)
- 8:00 A.M. - KASADYAHAN Competition, Freedom Grandstand and other stages)
- SPONSORS MARDI GRAS, Freedom Grandstand & other stages
- 7:00 PM - Religious Sad-sad to Sr. Sto. Niño, San Jose Parish

January 25, 2009 - (Sunday)

- 6:30 a.m (Concelebrated high mass for devotees, Tribes, Gov't. Officials, LOMAS in attendance, San Jose Parish Church)
- 8:00 A.M. DINAGYANG CONTEST, Freedom Grandstand and other stages
- 5:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Regular Sunday Mass, San Jose Parish Church
- 7:00 P.M - 2009 Iloilo Dinagyang Awarding Ceremonies, Freedom Grandstand
- 7:00 P.M. - 2009 Iloilo Dinagyang Awarding Ceremonies, Freedom Grandstand

January 26, 2009 - (Monday)

- 5:30 P.M.(Thanksgiving Mass with all members of 2009 Iloilo Dinagyang Festival Working Committees, San Jose Parish Church)


Iloilo Dinagyag Festival 2009 "On Higher Ground"

The short period of preparations that was given the Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation, Inc (IDFI) to make the necessary planning for the staging of the Dinagyang 2009 will not discourage them from coming up with a fun-filled celebration.

The city government and the IDFI signed the memorandum of agreement for the latter to handle the event only two weeks ago.

DFI vice president and operations officer Salvador Andrada said the celebration slated last week of January next year will have for its battlecry, “Fun, Food, Fellowship and Faith.”

Andrada said that aside from the commitment coming from other sectors running the activity, what is important is the continued support of various tribes joining the celebration.

“Dinagyang is a celebration of faith and not just about fun. It’s much more than money. I think they have commitment. I think this is basically their expression of faith and they would continue to do their level best so that in 2009 the celebration will really be fun-filled,” he said.

Iloilo City Tourism Officer Benito Jimena said “there are people who would like to see the celebration be worthy of being called the best tourism event.”

Jimena said there are several innovations that the foundation has decided to introduce next year.

These include among others the food festival with folk flavor to complement the foodfest of the Iloilo Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts Association (IHRA); staging of the Little Miss Dinagyang and holding of the Fluvial Procession in the morning of January 23 instead of the usual afternoon schedule.

The festival will be officially launched on Dec 1 in Iloilo City while a national launching held on Dec 12 at the Mall of Asia in Manila.

Jimena is inviting Ilonggos in Manila to join in promoting the festival as they will be bringing one tribe for a parade performance at the mall.

The members of the Photographic Society of Iloilo will also hold an exhibit at the MOA simultaneous with the national launching activity.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Charice Pempengco duet with Celine Dion

Here are videos of Charice Pempengco sings "Because You Loved Me" with Celine Dion in Madison Square Garden on Sept 15.

This is what exactly Celine told Charice before she called her to come up on stage...

"They actually told me about an incredible young singer that she [Oprah Winfrey] discovered awhile back. You know, if you watch Oprah last week, you know all about her. This young lady's name is Charice. I'm so excited. She's 16 years old and she's from the Philippines.

"Let me tell you, she has a voice that can literally blow the roof of Madison Square Garden and she just might. But the real story is how Charice and her mom escaped the terrifying experience and had to leave Charice's violent father.

"You know, to start a life of their own. Charice vowed to save her mom from a life of desperation and despair. You know, through prayers and dreams and God-given talent, an incredible voice, Charice entered every singing contest in her native country and was eventually noticed by such influential people.

"You know, a show in Oprah and Oprah wanted to take her and took her under her wings. Then, David Foster joined her. I had the chance to see Charice perform one of my songs on Oprah last week. I have a little bit of difficulty to talk right now because I met Charice, and I'm so emotional... So I'm searching and looking for my words...trying to control my emotion.

"I invited her to come here tonight to sing with me. Where are you, sweetheart? There she is, come down, Sweetie."

And when Charice was already on stage...

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Charice. [To Charice] You look spectacular! Are you shaking? Are you okay? Don't be nervous and, I think, a lot of people, they understand that you are nervous.

"I'm gonna tell you one thing, the talent we're not gonna talk about. Because you have the strength, we're not gonna talk about (it) because you have (it), and so the love. And I have to tell you, the family, we'll gonna talk because you have to.

"One time, my manager, my husband [Rene Angelil], told me, ‘Celine...' Because when I started to sing, I was 12 years old, so 12 and 16, it's the same, okay? He told me, ‘Celine, I know you're nervous, don't be scared. You love to sing. When you go up there, you'll be nervous. Don't be.'

"I will give you an image that you can think about. Think that all the people you see in front of you are your brothers and sisters. You're singing in your living room and these are your family. They can't can't wait to hear you sing. I think I know you want to dedicate this song to your mother. So we're gonna sing ‘Because You Loved Me' for your mother."

After their performance...

"You did amazing, and the roof of the Madison (blew) up tonight," said Celine.

Celine also said that she loved Charice and that she could not wait to perform with Charice for a full concert.

"But I'll ask you Charice,when you do perform in Madison Square are you going to invite me? I love you and I can not wait to be with you to perform here for a whole concert," Celine said before she let Charice leave the concert stage.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Congratulations to Doña Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School website

Congratulations to Doña Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School for winning the Smart Schools Program “Community Choice Award”.

Smart Communication Philippines is hosting a Schools website under the Smart Schools Program (SSP) in coordination with Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP).

The SSP “Website of the Month” Competition is SSP website’s rewards and recognition program for the SSP-hosted websites. Nominated websites are evaluated based on the content, website design, involvement of teachers and students, and website maintenance.

A “Community Choice Award” is also given to the nominee with the most number of votes earned in the Smart Schools Online Poll. For this month, the Doña Hortencia S. Benedicto National High School website, which earned a total of 135 votes in the online poll conducted from July 15 to August 15, emerged as the most favorite school website. Moalboal National High School website got 34 votes; Catmon National High School, 6; Orion National High School, 4; Ramon Avanceña National High School, 1.

Congratulations to Doña Hortencia S. Benedicto National High School for a job well done!

(Published 19 August 2008, Smart Communications, Inc.)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Overall Medal Standing

Check out the latest Overall Medal Standing of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The 2008 Olympic Games Participating Countries are consist of 205 most of them are also participants of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The 2008 Beijing Olympics theme song "Beijing Welcomes You"

Here's the video of the 2008 Beijing Olympics official theme song,"Beijing Welcomes You", with English translation. The games will run from August 8 to 24, 2008 at Beijing, China.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wowowee scandal

Wowowee Episode (Wed August 6, 2008) (Thanks to Eat Bulaga!?)

by: epiphany

Once again... the Philippine All Stars made it!

The Philippine All Stars, proud Filipino Hip-Hop dancers won the gold medal in the 2008 World Hip-Hop Championship held at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada last Sunday (August 3, 2008). With the score of 8.94, All Stars ruled the dance floor and toppled down 33 countries with their 2 minutes impressive performance.

Here's their impressive performance...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The top performing schools in the June 2008 Nursing Licensure Examination










Top 10 test-takers of the June 2008 Nursing Licensure Examination:

Top 1 (86.00%)
• Aira Therese Salamanca Javier, University of Santo Tomas

Top 2 (85.80%)
Alrin Flores Falgui, Far Eastern University-Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation

Top 3 (85.60%)
• Kristine Maravilla Mendoza, Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Memorial School
• Joanna Jacob Quirante, University of Santo Tomas

Top 4 (85.40%)
• Ana Rica Chan Gutierrez, University of Santo Tomas
• Dalfon Silvio Babular Navaja, Cebu Institute of Technology
• Maria Alyssa Yee Policarpio, University of Santo Tomas
• Aileen Grace Yu Sotyco, University of Santo Tomas

Top 5 (85.20%)
• Michelle Cruz Amoroso, University of the Philippines-Manila
• Ma. Regina Basa Ang, Our Lady of Fatima University-Valenzuela
• Michelle Joyce Cheung Encarnacion, University of Santo Tomas
• Lyka Abalajon Gede-Y, Riverside College
• Jason Albia Go, University of Santo Tomas
• Katherine Rose Rodrigo Raquel, De La Salle University-Dasmariñas Health Science Campus

Top 6 (85.00%)
• Regina Krys Villaflor Cabanilla, Cebu Normal University (Cebu State College)
• Aster Annie De Jesus Calma, University of the Philippines-Manila
• Tracy Michelle Buan Catacutan, Centro Escolar University-Manila
• Diana Justo Cupino, University of Santo Tomas
• Rachel Mae Tabuena Daigdigan, Mindanao State University-Marawi City
• Karen Marie Galvez Flores, Trinity University of Asia (Trinity-QC
• Elaine Esther Saldua Funtanar, Cebu Normal University (Cebu State College
• Marion Delos Santos Llauder, University of Santo Tomas
• Kevin Bryan Uy Lo, University of Santo Tomas
• Anne Lorraine Trinidad Lorenzo, University of Perpetual Help Rizal-Las Piñas
• Louie Jhon Erracho Lunaria, University of the Philippines-Manila
• Joanna Roxas Maala, Our Lady of Fatima University-Valenzuela
• Patrick Paras Mejia, University of Santo Tomas
• Kristine Valino Picadizo, University of Perpetual Help Rizal-Las Piñas
Eiren Oro Rebute, West Visayas State University-La Paz
• Rizza Armas Tamayo, Colegio De Dagupan (Computronix College)
• Anna Mae Maquiling Trinidad, Mindanao State University-Marawi City
• Jennifer Laggad Ugalde, Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College-Q.C.

Top 7 (84.80%)
• Ma. Leonor Galvan Barbosa, Mindanao Sanitarium & Hospital College of Med
• Jennifer Baguio Gait, Velez College
• Ariane Castañares Llevares, Cebu Normal University (Cebu State College
• Neil Anthony Esmilla Manzano, Our Lady of Fatima University-Valenzuela
• Oliver Naval Mendoza, Saint Bernadette College of Health And Sciences
• Maricor Cortez Montalbo, University of the Philippines-Manila
• Tara Patawaran Patawaran, Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College-Q.C.
• Roger Carlo Payawal Pineda, Dr. Yanga’s Francisco Balagtas College
• Bartolome Arthur Marcaida Quincina, Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College-Q.C.
• Marion Katrina Lara Raguini, Far Eastern University-Manila

Top 8 (84.60%)
• Ma Cristina Diesta Arroyo, University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Mem. Medical Center
• Lance Lambert Gatdula Ayson, Bulacan State University (Bulacan Coll. of Arts & Trades)
• Carla Emille Dalangin Barbon, University of the Philippines-Manila
• Rosauro Cruz Briones, Manuel S. Enverga Univ. Foundation-Lucena City
• Jan Paolo Santiago Caparas, De La Salle University-Dasmariñas Health Science
• Sozein Soliel Bacena Bustamante, University of Santo Tomas
• Lourdes Claire Rodriguez David, University of Santo Tomas
• Ana Joy Almie Cruz Dizon, University of Santo Tomas
• Lorrainne Yu Embay, University of the Visayas-Mandaue City
• Kristine Marie Lee Indiongco, Perpetual Help College of Manila
• Imee Loren Chan Lim, University of Santo Tomas
• Sim Pama Paniza, West Visayas State University-La Paz
• Rochelle-Anne Ordinanza Primavera, University of Santo Tomas
• Raichel Faye Mallari Ringor, University of Santo Tomas
• Roxan Salvadora Roman, Our Lady of Fatima University-Valenzuela
• Czarina Ann Arellano Sevilla, University of Santo Tomas
• Jeffrey De Justo Silva, Saint Paul University-Iloilo
• Zyena Joyce Palines Untalasco, University of the Philippines-Manila
• Paola Sarona Young, University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Mem. Medical Center

Top 9 (84.40%)
• Blake Warren Coloma Ang, Cebu Doctors’ University
• Trisha Carmelli Gonzales Bautista, University of the Philippines-Manila
• Danica Bianca Bernad Cagalawan, Saint Michael’s College-Iligan City
• Janna Bianca Albano Cajigal, University of Santo Tomas
• Kathryn Kaye Aquino Carpio, University of Santo Tomas
• Glynnis Doreen Olegario Corpuz, Capitol Medical Center School of Nursing
• Katrina Rae Limjoco Daza, University of Santo Tomas
• Jean Daisy Camacho De Guzman, University of the Philippines-Manila
• Fritzie Praxidio Dela Cruz, University of Perpetual Help System-Laguna
• Willenburgh Wong Ducusin, Manila Central University-Caloocan City
• Gwen Atienza Legaspi, Saint Paul University-Manila
• John Philip Tecson Lim, University of Santo Tomas
• Stephanie Anne Chan Lopez, De Los Santos-Sti College,Inc-(Delos Santos S.N.)
• Myron Marco Miranda Mariano, University of Santo Tomas
• John Vincent Lim Omo, Holy Name University (Divine Word-Tagbilaran)
• Maria Wella Balbona Pichon, University of the Visayas-Cebu City
• May Stephanie Go Pua, Naga College Foundation
• Daryle Joie Masocol Ragasa, Manila Doctors’ College
• Girlie Lazaro Repuyan, University of Santo Tomas
• Meludee Joy Madrigal Roche, Cebu Normal University (Cebu State College)
• Maria Aileen Custodio Santiago, Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College-Q.C.
• Arthur Michael Aris Camu Sunico, Far Eastern University-Manila
• John Hirogie Abad Toku, Trinity University of Asia (Trinity-QC)
• Angela Solayao Tiu, Velez College
• Catherine Dasmariñas Uy — Southeast Asian College (UDMC)

Top 10 (84.20%)
• Romina Paula Parreño Barrameda, University of Santo Tomas
• John Robert Razote Bautista, Trinity University of Asia (Trinity-Qc)
• Jeriel Bayhonan Besagas, Cebu Normal University (Cebu State College)
• Marienne Sungcad Bravo, STI College Cebu, Inc
• Evelyn Cuares Caseñas, University of Bohol
• Bridgel Avila Galorio, Cebu Normal University (Cebu State College)
• Ma. Bernadette Valdivia Lopez-Dee, University of Santo Tomas
• May Flor Llego Marcolino, Larmen De Guia Memorial College
• Kristian Santos Noche, Centro Escolar University-Manila
• Dianne Mae Lagman Notario, Our Lady of Fatima University-Valenzuela
• Kristine Ann Tagupa Panal, Mountain View College
• Marnela Kathleen Veluya Pasamba, Sacred Heart College of Lucena City, Inc.
• Ruby Joma Fadri Rafanan, Adventist University of the Philippines
• Razeille Kristine Asistio Razon, University of Santo Tomas
• Darra May Rapada Riano, Far Eastern University-Manila
• Jomar Pacleb Ronquillo, Columban College-Olongapo City
• Jeffrey Ramos Salazar, University of the Philippines-Manila
• Frederick Abad Sampang, University of Santo Tomas
• Marnelee Grace Rivera Semilla, Trinity University of Asia (Trinity-QC)
• Janelle Grace Teo Sia, University of Santo Tomas
• Jeanette Martinez Villar, West Visayas State University-La Paz


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vote for Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

Help make our natural beauty be on the TOP.

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is located about 50 km north of the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It features a limestone karst mountain landscape with an 8.2 km. navigable underground river. A distinguishing feature of the river is that it winds through a cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea. It includes major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers. The lower portion of the river is subject to tidal influences. The underground river is reputed to be the world's longest. At the mouth of the cave, a clear lagoon is framed by ancient trees growing right to the water's edge. Monkeys, large monitor lizards, and squirrels find their niche on the beach near the cave.

Vote for Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park as ONE of the NEW 7 WONDERS of NATURE.

Vote for Tubbataha Reef

Help make our natural beauty be on the TOP.

Tubbataha Reef is an atoll coral reef in the Sulu Sea that belongs to the Philippines. It is a marine sanctuary protected as Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park. The reef is composed of two atolls, North and South Reefs. Each reef has a single small islet that protrudes from the water. The atolls are separated by a deep channel 8 kilometers wide. Over one thousand species, including many that are endangered, can be found at on the reef. These include manta rays, lionfish, tortoises, clownfish and sharks.

Vote for Tubbataha Reef as ONE of the NEW 7 WONDERS of NATURE.

Vote for The Chocolate Hills

Help make our natural beauty be on the TOP.

The Chocolate Hills is an unusual geological formation in Bohol, Philippines. It is composed of around 1,268 perfectly cone-shaped hills, all about the same size, spread over an area of more than 50 sq km The hills are covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season, giving them the name ''Chocolate Hills.''

Vote for The Chocolate Hills as ONE of the NEW 7 WONDERS of NATURE.

Vote for Mayon Volcano

Help make our natural beauty be on the TOP.

Mayon Volcano is an active volcano on the Filipino island of Luzon, 15 km northwest of Legazpi City.It is classified by volcanologists as a stratovolcano (composite volcano). Its symmetric cone was formed through alternate pyroclastic and lava flows. Mayon is the most active volcano in the country, having erupted over 47 times in the past 400 years, and is a part of what is called the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Vote for Mayon Volcano as ONE of the NEW 7 WONDERS of NATURE.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Donations for Typhoon Frank affected areas

You can also send your donations for Iloilo City and the Municipality of Pavia...

The Iloilo City government has opened a trust account to receive cash donations for calamity victims. Deposits can now be made through the following:

Land Bank Of The Philippines

Iznart Branch
Account Name: Iloilo City Government Typhoon Frank
Account Number: 0032-1450-78
Routing Number: 080350013

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company

Iloilo Delgado Branch
Account Name: Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation, Inc. - Typhoon Frank
Account Number: 012-3-01275982-8
Swift Code: MBTCPHMM
Routing Number: 080260019

NOTE: Kindly email the details of your donation, Donor’s Name and Amount, so that we may be able to document them properly.

Other relief assistance can be coordinated with Ms. Snow Chua at the city mayor’s office with telephone numbers (033) 337 0036 and 3372760.

Also, the Municipality of Pavia opened its own bank account to receive donations for flood victims. The bank details are as follows:

Philippine National Bank
La Paz, Iloilo City Branch
Account Name: Help Pavia
Account Number: 4165278688
Swift Code: PNB MPH MM

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Leganeans need your HELP

The people of Laganes need your generous help.

The affected families need water, food and clothing. We are also gathering funds to help buy those families, whose houses were completely destroyed, building materials, i.e. lumber, plywood/hardiflex, nails, bamboo and nipa.

You may send your help to:

Msgr. Higinio Velarde
Parish Priest/Rector
Shrine of St. Vincent Ferrer (San Vicente Ferrer Parish)
Leganes, Iloilo

Telephone Number:
+63 33 3297894

Email Addresses:

We prefer donations in kind especially clothes, kitchen utensils, and beddings and other necessities inside the house.

Friday, July 4, 2008

After Typhoon Frank hit Leganes (morning photos)

Leganes Gymnasium serves as temporary shelter of families affected by Typhoon Frank. Here are the photos which I took last June 20, 2008 at around 9:00 - 11:00 a.m..

After Typhoon Frank hit Leganes (afternoon photos)

Leganes Gymnasium serves as temporary shelter of families affected by Typhoon Frank. Here are the photos which I took last June 20, 2008 at around 6:00 - 9:00 p.m..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Frank's aftermath photos

Here are some of the photos after typhoon Frank hit Leganes. Thanks Fr. Ryan for allowing me to use these photos.
Photo courtesy of:

Monday, June 30, 2008

Typhoon "Frank" Damage Assessment Report

As of July 1, 2008 (12:00 NN)


Number of Brgys. affected: 18

Number of Families affected: 4,469

Number of Persons affected: 22,531

Number of Houses affected (partially damage): 1,179

Number of Houses affected (totally damage): 336

Number of Evacuation Centers (E.C): 62

Number of Families/Persons (inside E.C): 5,156

Number of Dead: 8

Number of Casualties (injured): 168

Number of Casualties (missing): 2


Typhoon "FRANK" Casualties Report

as of July 1, 2008 (12:00 NN)


Total number of dead: 6

Names and Address:

1) Trinidad Guaro (Guinobatan)

2) Richard Salbuena (Guintas)

3) Evelyn de la Cruz (Napnud)

4) Januria Lacunaria (Poblacion)

5) Baby Boy Gumban (Buntatala)

6) Leopoldo Villanueva (Guinobatan)


Friday, June 27, 2008

Leganes through the years

The municipality of Leganes sprang from a small settlement in the site which is now known as barangay Guihaman. Back in the early 1840's this is the place where Guiham or wild boars used to scrounge.

As the population of this small settlement flourished, so does its economic activity. With the influx of migrants from nearby Jaro and Santa Barbara, trade and commerce began to prosper.

In 1858, to avoid the p600 fine to be levied on inhabitants, early settlers registered the settlement as a pueblo. This was in compliance to the decree of Don Isidro A. Brudit, Spanish governor of Iloilo in 1856. The place bore the name Valencia, a town in Spain whose patron is saint san Vicente Ferrer.

Based on historical account, the founders of this pueblo were Don Angel Gustilo, Don Mariano Gustilo, Don Jacinto Sandoval, Don Lorenzo Gustilo, Don Huan Hilado, Don Fulgencio Espino and Don Miguel Valencia.

It wasn't long before the founders engaged in a squabble. They sent a protest and petition to the Alta Mar in Spain invoking a change of the pueblos name because it gives unwarranted honor to a co-founder, Don Miguel Valencia. Annoyed, the Alta Mar named the town Leganes,a town in Spain that is of little significance.

The pueblo was administered by Kapitanes from 1860 up to 1899, until the end of Spanish rule.

In 1900 American colonizers appointed a local resident to become Leganes first President. Zacarias Jaen was directed to manage local affairs until he was succeeded by Tomas Gustilo in 1904. Lack of harmony among local officials resulted to slow economic progress which prompted governor Martin Delgado to make Leganes an arrabal of Santa Barbara in 1905.

Tomas Gustilo and his successor Macario Jagunap led the pueblo from 1907-1908. Other leaders after them like Anselmo Guillergan and Eugenio Maranon[1904-1905] eagerly worked for the towns autonomy, particularly in terms of construction projects like the school buildings, police station, deep well, roads etc.

Through the help of Jaro councilors Petronila Gumban and Valentin Jordan, Leganes leaders also tried and succeeded in causing the transfer of fishpond revenues from Santa Barbara to the coffers of Leganes. These revenues were used in improving roads surrounding the public plaza and installing telephone lines connecting Leganes to Jaro.

Leganes became an arrabal of Jaro on Jan 1st 1916 also through the help of Gumban and Jordan who never failed to show genuine concern. By the time they became Jaro Presidents, both men have been instrumental to the steady progress of Leganes. They mainly helped in the construction of Leganes primary school[now Leganes Elementary School], which stand at the lot donated by noted philanthropists Florenio S. Jagunap and Melencio Jagunap. Two years later saw the construction of the Santa Barbara irrigation system which was completed on July 4th 1922.

On october 2nd 1927, a monument for Dr. Jose Rizal was erected at Leganes primary school out of the fund raising drives by the people and donations from wealthy spouses Modesto Jinon and Capitana Anding Espino. In 1929, additional school buildings of Gabaldon type were built and completed out of insular funds used through the workings of assemblyman Vicente Ybiernas.

Progress and peace easily flowed in when Iloilo Governor Tomas Confesor granted Leganes autonomy from Jaro.

On Jan 1st 1940 Leganes was declared a municipality by virtue of executive order #241 signed by the then Commonwealth President Manuel Luis Quezon. Marcos Espino was the towns first mayor, while Martin Jaen was vice mayor. Appointed as councilors were Constantino Gulmatico and Marcial Jacildo. Each were given a term of one year, after which they were to give way to the towns first local election in november 1940. The first elected mayor of Leganes was Marcos Espino himself, while Marcial Jacildo bested other candidates for the towns vice mayoral post. The following were elected as councilors: Felix Trespeces, Primitivo Gustilo, Simplicio Grino, Valencia Solinap and Fausto Espino

With full autonomy and with local elected officials running the municipal government, Leganes was ushered in to an era of order and growth. Consequently the people became aware as to where their taxes go.

Mayor Espino was about to signal the implementation of infrastructure projectsion 1940 when the second world war broke out. Mayor Espino retreated to the marshland of Cari Mayor at the junction of Canipaan and Buntatala river. The old municipal building was converted to a Japanese garrison. Sporadic fighting between local guerrillas and the Japanese forces compelled civilians to evacuate to safer places. People lived in constant fear of their lives.

This situation was abated when Delfin Guinalon was appointed as puppet mayor. This is in compliance with the Japanese propaganda movements co-prosperity sphere for the whole of asia. It was due to Guinalons connection with the Japanese Kempetais that many of his Kasimanwas lives were saved. Guinalons reign ceased when the US 8th army division forces landed in Parara beach, Tigbauan on march 18th 1945. This historic date is commemorated to this day as the liberation of panay.

Right after the liberation, Martin Jaen was appointed as mayor. With the war now over, massive rehabilitation and repair of damaged infrastructures were painstakingly undertaken.

Martin Jaen ran and won as mayor of Leganes in 1946. He served until 1951. His successor, Pablo Jinon[1952-1955] facilitated the reconstruction of Leganes municipal building, using the pork barrel funds of Congressman Espinosa.

The election of Mayor Esperidion J. Jagunap[1956-59] and his re-election[60-63] eventually caused the transformation of the town. Into a beautiful municipality.

In 1963, Atty Adolfo Jaen, a young lawyer and neophyte politician was elected as mayor of Leganes. He was considered the youngest elected mayor in the visayas region. To his credit was an active scouting movement that placed Leganes on top of other municipalities in the Iloilo region council.

In 1966 parents gratefully welcomed the establishment of Leganes barangay high school[now Leganes National High School]. This, to them, is the answer to the high cost of education in sending their children to high school institutions in the city. The first assistant principal of Leganes barangay high school was Mr Jorge P. Landoy. The schools first batch of graduates marched during the 1969 commencement rites. Since then students enroll in this school.

Other high schools were established in other barangays in the following years. Nabitasan barangay high school absorbed enrollees at the start of school year 1970-71. Lapayon barangay high school was opened to students in 1970. Mrs Dorotea Gaverza and Mrs Rosalina Berguia were the first assistant principals respectively.

When Mayor Espiridion Jagunap was again voted as municipal mayor[1972-75], there was an upsurge of vital infrastructure projects. Leganes Central School was reconstructed to a ten room semi permanent intermediate structure. Additional 3 rooms were constructed in Lapayon barangay high school and Lapayon elementary school.

During mayor Jagunap's term the South Asia Fisheries Development Center-Aqua Culture Department[SEAFDEC-AQD] a well known institution in aqua culture research technology was granted the use of a significant portion of Leganes fishpond for research. During the incumbency of the late Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Leganes also became noted for its implementation of the new society nutrition program. Bagong Lipunan buildings were constructed in selected schools along the western side of the municipality.

The 1980 election opened a fresh mandate for Atty Adolfo Jaen. As mayor, he became instrumental to the 1.4 million peso bliss housing project in barangay Cari Mayor.

When President Corazon Aquino took over as Philippine President in 1986, there was a reorganization among public offices in the government. When the term of local executives expired. Jose Jaen was appointed as officer-in-charge, as such, he was authorized to administer the municipal concerns. He ran for mayor and won in the 1989, 1992 and 1995 elections. He tapped national government funding sources for the construction of Leganes gymnasium and the tennis court adjacent to it.

At the end of his term, his uncle, Atty. Adolfo Jaen ran for the mayoral post in 1998. He constructed additional stalls at the second floor of the existing public market structure. Before his term ended he was able to facilitate the improvement of San Vicente road. The Lapayon-Calaboa-Cagamutan Norte road, and the 3CL at Leganes National High School.

When the local election was held in may 14, 2001, the Leganesnons chose between two hotly contesting candidates-Jose Jaen and his businessman cousin Enrique Ike Rojas. The latter, a fresh face in politics, won by a slim margin of 365 votes.

Upon his assumption to office on july 2, 2001 the new mayor gets to work with eagerness and determination to serve. Maintaining that change must come from within his circle, he began by improving the morale and working habits of municipal employees. Then he cated task forces to attend to special concerns such as the beautification and cleanliness drive, anti-dengue campaign, taskforce Baha and market inspection.

Only three months in office as of this writing Rojas was able to obtain financial support and commitment from among national funding agencies to fast track his infrastructure and development programs. Among his immediate priority projects are the rehabilitation of Leganes water system, construction of additional farm to market roads, road reconstruction, barangay street lighting facilities, flood control programs and repair of irrigation facilities. Taking on the plight of marginal farmers and fishermen, he invoked the municipal agriculture office to create projects that sets out livelihood opportunities that are practical, highly implementable and self sustaining.

The new mayor knows that in order to realize these noble tasks he must work on winning the cooperation of the Sangguniang Bayan, his employees and workers, the barangay captains, and political antagonists.

Mayor Rojas is quite certain that under his administration the dream of making Leganes a suburban growth center will be realized. Indeed, the 120 hectare area fronting the southern coast of Leganes is presently identified by the Metro Iloilo Development Council[MIDC] as site for heavy industries. Mayor Rojas, as chair of MIDC commitee on infrastructure, has been actively participating in a series of MIDC meetings and study tours to top industrial centers in the country. This is being sponsored by the Canadian Urban Institute MIDC's foreign counterpart and implementing arm.

Mayor Rojas has harnessed people participation as a key component of this development strategy. Self-reliant projects with people leading and government in full support are being launched. The aim is to wean people from the concept of mendicancy and become empowered for their own development.

Atty. Adolfo Jaen, the present municipal mayor, is working hard to promote the tourism industry of Leganes. The Saad Festival, a festival honoring the town's patron saint St. Vicente Ferrer, reaping awards and acknowledgements by winning not only local but as well as national competition.

Historical backdrop

1856 - Leganes was registered as a pueblo upon the decree of Isidro A. Brudit, Spanish governor of Iloilo.

1860 - 1899 The town was administered by Kapitanes

1900 - 1902 American colonizers appointed Zacarias Jaen as first President of Leganes

1904 - Leganes became an arrabal of Santa Barbara, and was represented by Thomas Gustilo and Macario Jagunap, followed by Arsenio Guillergan and Eugenio Maranon in 1914-1915

Jan 1st - 1940 Leganes becomes a full pledge municipality by virtue of executive order 241 signed by then Commonwealth President Manuel Luis Quezon. Marcos Espino was appointed as Mayor

Nov - 1940 Marcos Espino became the first elected Mayor of Leganes

1941 - Second World War. The Japanese imperial forces appointed Delfin Guinalon as puppet Mayor

1945 - Martin Jaen was appointed mayor after the liberation. The second year he became the second elected mayor of Leganes

1952 - 1955 Pablo Jinon succeeded Jaen and became the third mayor of Leganes. Mayor Espindion jagunap became Leganes forth mayor. He was re-elected for another term in 1960.

1963 - The people of Leganes voted into office, Atty Adolfo Jaen. He was given another mandate in the election of 1967

1972 - 1975 Mayor Espiridion jagunap again became town mayor when he was elected in 1972

1980 - Atty Adolfo Jaen became mayor again. He was re-elected in 1984

1986 - President Corazon Aquino appointed Josil Jaen as officer in charge of Leganes. He became the town's sixth mayor when he ran and won the 1989, 1992 and 1995 elections

1998 - Atty Adolfo Jaen, now a veteran in politics was given another mandate to serve as town mayor

2001 - Mayor Enrique Ike Rojas, a fresh face in politics, won the mayoral contest to become the seventh mayor of Leganes

Present - Atty Adolfo Jaen is presently the municipal mayor after winning the May 2006 election.

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Town History

The municipality of Leganes started as a small settlement in what is now known as Brgy. Guihaman. Back in the early 1840s, this was the place where "guiham" or wild boars stayed. As the population of this small settlement flourished, so did its economic activities. With the influx of migrants from nearby Jaro and Sta. Barbara, trade and commerce began to prosper. In 1858, to avoid the Php600.00 fine to be levied upon its inhabitants, early settlers registered this settlement as a "Pueblo". In compliance with the decree of Don Isidro A. Brudit, Spanish Governor of Iloilo in 1856, the place bore the name "Valencia", a town in Spain whose patron is Saint Vincent Ferrer, based on historical account, the founders of this pueblo were Don Angel Gustilo, Don Mariano, Don Jacinto Sandoval, Don Lorenzo Gustilo, Don Juan Hilado, Don Fulgencio Espino and Don Miguel Valencia. It wasn't long before these founders engaged in a squabble. They sent a protest and petition to the Alta Mar in Spain, invoking a change of the pueblo's name because it gave unwarranted honor to co-founder, Don Miguel Valencia. Annoyed, the Alta Mar named the town "Leganes", a town in Spain that was of little significance.


Leganes church declared a diocesan shrine

ILOILO CITY, April 4, 2008—The Parish Church of St. Vincent Ferrer in Leganes town (6 kilometres north of Iloilo City) was declared today a Diocesan Shrine. Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo signed the decree on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the foundation and the dedication and consecration of the newly renovated Parish Church of St. Vincent Ferrer.

The decree was read during the Dedication and Consecration mass stating that the Parish Church of St. Vincent Ferrer in Leganes, Iloilo, was proclaimed a Diocesan Shrine, "in accordance with Church law, with all the duties, rights and privileges given to a Diocesan Shrine by the Code of Canon Law, as well as other Church documents, particularly the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy."

"In the 150 years of its existence as a parish, the Church of St. Vincent Ferrer in Leganes, Iloilo has locally fulfilled the same functions as shrines, even without canonical recognition. This Church has formed part of the "topography" of the faith and of the popular piety of the people of God, not only in the Island of Panay, but also in the nearby Island of Negros as well as the adjoining islands in the Visayas, who flock to the Church the whole year round to fulfill their promises or "panaad" and to invoke the heavenly intercession of their beloved St. Vincent Ferrer. Furthermore, many testimonies of heavenly favors and spiritual graces received abound among these devotees of the Saint," the decree stated.

Leganes town will celebrate its patronal town fiesta on 5 April, 2008. Thousands of devotees and visitors are expected to flock the parish church to obtain the intercession of their beloved St. Vincent Ferrer who has never failed to pray for them. (Fr. Ryan Teves)


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Leganes is politically subdivided into 18 barangays.

  • M.V. Hechanova (Balagon)
  • Bigke
  • Buntatala
  • Cagamutan Norte
  • Cagamutan Sur
  • Calaboa
  • Camangay
  • Cari Mayor
  • Cari Minor
  • Gua-an
  • Guihaman
  • Guinobatan
  • Guintas
  • Lapayon
  • Nabitasan
  • Napnud
  • Poblacion
  • San Vicente


Leganes was once known as "Valencia".

When two unrelated families with the same last name began to claim that the town was named after their ancestor, and the fighting eventually led to deaths on both sides. The Spanish Governorate put members from each family in jail and banished an equal number of both families to other provinces. To ensure that the argument would remain moot, they renamed the town Leganes after a city in Spain. Historians claim that the Spanish interference helped incite the indigenous population against the Spanish occupation that was starting to take root at this time.



Leganes is a 4th class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. It is located 11 km north of the capital Iloilo City. Like most Philippine towns that sprawl outward from the capital, is made up of houses, farms and light agricultural industry. The major throughofare runs right through the center of the town. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 23,475 people in 4,533 households.