Friday, June 27, 2008

Historical backdrop

1856 - Leganes was registered as a pueblo upon the decree of Isidro A. Brudit, Spanish governor of Iloilo.

1860 - 1899 The town was administered by Kapitanes

1900 - 1902 American colonizers appointed Zacarias Jaen as first President of Leganes

1904 - Leganes became an arrabal of Santa Barbara, and was represented by Thomas Gustilo and Macario Jagunap, followed by Arsenio Guillergan and Eugenio Maranon in 1914-1915

Jan 1st - 1940 Leganes becomes a full pledge municipality by virtue of executive order 241 signed by then Commonwealth President Manuel Luis Quezon. Marcos Espino was appointed as Mayor

Nov - 1940 Marcos Espino became the first elected Mayor of Leganes

1941 - Second World War. The Japanese imperial forces appointed Delfin Guinalon as puppet Mayor

1945 - Martin Jaen was appointed mayor after the liberation. The second year he became the second elected mayor of Leganes

1952 - 1955 Pablo Jinon succeeded Jaen and became the third mayor of Leganes. Mayor Espindion jagunap became Leganes forth mayor. He was re-elected for another term in 1960.

1963 - The people of Leganes voted into office, Atty Adolfo Jaen. He was given another mandate in the election of 1967

1972 - 1975 Mayor Espiridion jagunap again became town mayor when he was elected in 1972

1980 - Atty Adolfo Jaen became mayor again. He was re-elected in 1984

1986 - President Corazon Aquino appointed Josil Jaen as officer in charge of Leganes. He became the town's sixth mayor when he ran and won the 1989, 1992 and 1995 elections

1998 - Atty Adolfo Jaen, now a veteran in politics was given another mandate to serve as town mayor

2001 - Mayor Enrique Ike Rojas, a fresh face in politics, won the mayoral contest to become the seventh mayor of Leganes

Present - Atty Adolfo Jaen is presently the municipal mayor after winning the May 2006 election.

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