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Dinagyang Festival Tribes

Tribu Aninipay
Tribu Aninipay was founded by the Carado family in the year 2000. The tribe name is taken from a kind of grass which grows abundantly in a rocky and mountainous area in Panay where a certain tribe inhabits. The tribesmen then identified themselves as Tribu Aninipay due to the thick growth of grass in their area. The tribe has 48 warriors and 30 drummers with 20 support staff and they are presently managed by Randy Ramon Carado. Tribe choreographers are Martine Ilaud and Noel John Perez. The tribe was able to bag the 2nd place in the 2000 competition and they were also awarded the Best in Discipline on the same year. They were also the Most Colorful tribe in the 2003 competition. Last year, the tribe grabbed the Best Costume special award.

Tribu Atub-Atub

The tribe was founded in May 5, 1971 and was organized by Joaquin Santiago Sr. and family to show their devotion and reverence to the Holy Child Jesus, whom they believed to have unceasingly blessed them. It has a long list of achievements since it first joined the festival. It has reaped the Championship award for the years 1978, 1983, 1988, 2000, 2003 and 2004. It also garnered the 1st runner-up in the Aliwan Dance Competition in 2003. The tribe was again the Grand Champion for the 2nd Aliwan National Dance Parade Competition in 2004. Atub-Atub has also performed in the Independence Day celebration in Intramuros and at WOW Philippines best of the regions showcase. The tribe manager is Ma. Elena Santiago and choreographers are Ria Española and Butch Jamantoc. Atub-Atub is composed of 85 warriors and 35 drummers/musicians with 24 support staff.

Tribu Bantu
Bantu tribe was conceptualized and formed by husband and wife tandem, July and Carlene Gomez on July 24, 2003 and had its first performance in the Dinagyang Festival last 2004. The tribe got its name from a place in Africa which has an abundance of crops such as banana and has its people believing in spirits found in stones. The tribe has 60 warriors with 15 back up dancers, 40 drummers and 30 support staff dancers with July Gomez as the tribe manager, and Teofilo Zamora as tribe choreographer.

Tribu Binhi
Tribu Binhi which used to be known as Tribu Dagyaw-ta, was founded in 2003 by Brgy. Captain Saysay Roque, Rufino Villaflor, and Joel Aquino. Its members reside at Brgy. Rizal-Estanzuela and other neighboring barangays. Now, Tribu Binhi is composed of students from Melchor Nava National High School. The tribe is composed of 78 warriors, 30 drummers, and 10 support staff. Their manager is Rufino Villaflor, tribe choreographers are Eric Tagana and Alan Vinzon. The tribe got the 12th place in 2004 and 9th place in 2005.

Tribu Familia Sagrada
The tribe was founded in 2003 by Robmar Tan Buensuceso. It has 54 warriors, 30 back-up dancers, 42 drummers and 40 support staff. The tribe manager is Robmar Buensuceso and the tribe choreographers are Tope Ariete, Symon Panes and Tata Lanzar. The tribe won Best in Headdress in 2003; 3rd Runner-up in 2004 and was 6th place in 2005.

Tribu Himala
Himala tribe was founded in 1979 and was an off-shoot of Tribu Hamili. The founders are Danilo Edwin and Henry Drilon. The tribe has 48 warriors, 30 drummers and 50 support staff with Danilo Drilon as the tribe manager and Doni Anthony Drilon, as the tribe choreographer. The tribe got the 3rd place in 1996 and won Best Costume in 1981 and 1994.

Tribu Silak
Tribu Silak’s manager is Helen Deguma. Tribu Silak is made up of students from Iloilo City National High School and was originally called Tribu Lunok when it was organized in 1998 by the late Ronnie Baretta. It was 2nd runner up in the Dinagyang Festival 1998, 1st runner-up and best in choreography in 1999; 1st runner-up and best in performance in 2000; 1st runner-up and best in discipline in 2002 and 2nd runner-up and best in discipline in 2004. In 2005, they changed their name to Silak and garnered the best in choreography, performance and music awards. They were 1st runner-up in 2006 and 3rd runner-up in 2007. The tribe has 60 warriors/dancers, 40 back-up dancers, 50 drummers, 1 tribe leader, 13 props men, 1 banner bearer and 10 lifters. Choreographer is Rey Vincent Jaena, musical directors are Rustico Ledesma, Cris Sally and Alexis Puljanan. Costume designers are Nil Capinianes and Arthur Jusa. Tribe leader is Daves Gabion.

Tribu Molave
Tribu Molave was founded in 1979 by Jaime Canlas. It was previouslay called Tribu Barangayan and was changed to Molave in 1980. The name came from the Molave tree. The tribe has 72 warriors, 42 drummers/musicians and 30 support staff with Jaime Canlas as the tribe manager and Cayetano Leal as the choreographer. The tribe was champion in 3rd Runner-up in 1999, 2nd Runner-up in 2000 and champion from 2001-2002 in the Barangay Category. They also got the Best in Costume and Performance awards in the same year. They were awarded Best in Head Dress in last year’s festival.

Tribu Baryohanon
Tribu Baryohanon is being managed by Jona Dalton with Coriemer Vergara as choreographer. The tribe is based in Brgy. Bo. Obrero, La Paz and started joining the Dinagyang Ati competition in 2005. They are composed of 48 warriors, 15 dancers and 30 drummers with the Bo. Obrero barangay council as its support staff.

Tribu Kalubihan
The tribe was organized in 2002 and won the Best Headdress and Most Unique awards in the same year. There are 60 warriors with 1 tribe leader and 2 side leaders, 30 drummers and 53 support staff for this year. Tribe manager is Ronelo Juesca and choreographer is Shiela Montero-Kamiya.

Tribu Pana-ad
Tribu Pana-ad was founded in 1987 by Carlos Ebro, Jr., Melvin Villanueva, Mario Magno, Robmar Buensuceso and Vicbay Molina (deceased). The tribe name means a promise or sacred vow. The tribe has 60 warriors, 40 drummers and 25 support staff with Carlos Ebro, Jr. as the tribe manager and Mark Erfe as the tribe choreographer. The tribe was 1st Runner-up in 1998, Over-all Champion in 1999, 2nd Runner-up in 2000, 1st Runner-up in 2001, 3rd Runner-up in 2002, 2nd Runner-up in 2003, 3rd Runner-up in 2004 and was 1st Runner-up in 2005.

Tribu Pag-asa
Tribu Pag-asa was founded in 2002 by Andres Gomez, Jr. The tribe’s name means hope and their previous name was Kongo/Kanyao. The tribe has 63 warriors, 40 drummers and 20 support staff with Andres Gomez, Jr. as the tribe manager and choreographer.

Tribu Pari-anon
Tribu Pari-anon was founded in 2001 by Oscar Vijuan and was derived from the old name of Molo which was Parian. The tribe has 60 warriors, 30 drummers and 20 support staff. Tribe manager is Oscar Vijuan and choreographer is Eric Caton. They were 3rd Runner-up in the Open Category in 2001 and placed 2nd in 2002. They also got the Best in Music award in the same year. They were the 1st Runner-up and got the Best in Costume, Best in Headress and Most Unique awards in 2004 and was 3rd Runner-up and Most Colorful in Dinagyang 2005.

Tribu Ivatan
Tribu Ivatan hails from Batanes and has Joel Diasnes as its tribe manager. Tribe choreographer is Robert Lapating. The tribe has 90 warriors, 29 drummers and 25 support staff.

Tribu ni San Pedro
Tribu ni San Pedro is composed of students from Fort San Pedro National High School and is managed by their principal, Mrs. Belinda Dinopol. The name was chosen to pay tribute to the school and to represent the name of the foremost apostle and saint, who is believed by Christians as the keeper of Heaven’s gate. The tribe has 95 warriors, 55 drummers and 30 back-up dancers. They are being choreographed by Mr. Edwin Duero.

Tribu Ilonganon
Tribu Ilonganon, a term coined from the word “Ilonggo” which means a native of Iloilo, is the pride of Jalandoni Memorial National High School (formerly Lapuz High School.) Their entry name under Kasadyahan was Tribu Lapus-Lapus derived from the name of the district where the school is situated - Lapuz. They first joined the Ati competition in 2005 and was the 2nd Runner-up. In 2006, it was declared Champion of the Dinagyang Festival and got the Presidential Trophy; it was also awarded Best in Performance, Choreography and Choreographer on that same year. The tribe was again declared Champion in 2007 and won the Best in Performance and Costume awards. The tribe is composed of 50 warriors, 45 drummers, 15 lead dancers and 108 support staff. Tribe manager is Dr. Blesilda Floro and choreographer is Rommel Flogen.

Tribu Paghidaet
Tribu Paghidaet is from La Paz National High School, and was managed by Helen Deguma assisted by Ramil Huyatid and Celso Guion. The school has always been an avid supporter of the Dinagyang Festival and has joined the Kasadyahan for a number of years. The year 1999 was the school’s maiden year in joining the Dinagyang competition; they were the Second runner-up. In 2000 and 2004, they won 3rd Place, they were again Second runner-up in 2001 and garnered back to back Championships in 2002 and 2003. The tribe was judged as First runner-up and Best in Discipline in 2006 in the Kasadyahan Competition. In 2007, under the management of Azucena Falales, they were First Runner-up in the dinagyang Competition and garnered the Best in Choreography and Choreograper, Music and Street Dancing awards. The name was adopted because Lapazenians believe that the Lady of Peace and Good Voyage is the strong force that blows on the tribe’s sails. This year, the tribe has 55 warriors, 65 drummers and 65 star dancers. The choreographer is Ramil Huyatid assisted by Errol Jave Villalobos and Gerlyn Francisco. Tribe musician is Raymund Ferolino. The tribe is led by Ronel Francisco.

Ang Taga-Jaro is managed by Jesusita Agudo and Anthony Portugalete as tribe artistic director. The performers are the students of Jaro National High School. The tribe used to be called Tribu Salognon, Salog being the old name of Jaro. They had their maiden performance in 2004 and was 3rd runner-up in 2005 and garnered the Most Colorful Costume award. In 2006, it was Champion of the Best Tribe Competition with a special award of Most Educational/Informational Booth. It also placed 2nd runner-up in the Best Tribe Warrior category. It was declared 2nd runner-up in 2007’s Dinagyang Ati competition. The tribe has warriors/dancers, drummers, and support staff.

Tribu Hamili
Tribu Hamili was founded in 1969 by Francis Segovia. The previous name of the tribe was Sacred and was changed to Hamili in 1972 which means the same thing. The tribe has 48 warriors, 30 drummers and 20 support staff with Francis Segovia as the present tribe manager and Don Demetita as choregrapher. The tribe got the 3rd place from 1970-1974, they were declared champion in the years 1975,1976 and 1998, they won 2nd place in 1999 and 4th place in 2002.

Tribu Angola
The tribe’s previous name was Tribu Ambala. It was formed by Rodrigo Geraga in 1974. Ambala is the legendary cannibal tribe of Zambales. The founder wanted to depict them not as cannibals but as a tribe that gives honor to Señor Santo Niño. Then in 1989, the tribe’s name was changed to Angola. The tribe is composed of 65 warriors, 30 drummers and 25 support staff. The tribe manager is Rodrigo Geraga and choreographer is Roel Labto. Angola was 4th Runner-up in Dinagyang 2000 and they were the Best in Discipline in 2001.

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